Five signs your pet is feeling lonely

Most pet owners want them to be happy and feel good, but busy schedules and many other important things to do often lead pet owners to leave their pets unattended. This makes many cats and dogs feel lonely, which can be detrimental to their behaviour and mental health.

Here are some signs that your pet is feeling lonely and in need of company.

Your pet constantly follows you around the house

Often, an animal that feels lonely begins to follow its family members everywhere: the pet follows the owners on the heels of every room and whines if they disappear.

Pay attention to your pet if you are near: play with him, stroke, scratch the belly, train, and so on. This will help your pet get back to normal and make him feel better.

He’s not as playful as he used to be

If your previously energetic, active, and playful pet has become lazy, it may feel

lonely and abandoned. Some pets can be so sad, especially if they lose their owner or tailed friend, that they stop communicating with other pets and family members for a while.

Try to play with the furry more often and allow him to spend time with other animals.

The pet sleeps more than usual

It is normal for pets to sleep most of the day. But they also have an excess of sleep, which can be a sign of loneliness and melancholy.

On average, dogs and cats need about 12 hours of sleep, so if your pet sleeps more, watch its behaviour. You may notice other signs that he is lonely, sad, or just plain bored.

The animal has a lot of hair loss

Cats always carefully monitor their cleanliness and wash regularly. However, anxiety or loneliness may cause some to lick the coat too hard, leading to hair loss and bald patches, especially in the lower abdomen. If you notice this behaviour, it is worth contacting your veterinarian.

Your pet has a decreased appetite

Also, one of the signs of a pet’s loneliness may be a decrease in appetite. Some animals, feeling abandoned or experiencing the loss of a friend (two-legged or four-legged), begin to eat and drink less than usual. However, this symptom may also indicate that the pet is sick.

Therefore, if your pet suddenly loses its appetite, be sure to take it to the veterinarian for examination to rule out the presence of serious diseases.

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