How real is the famous shower scene from ‘Sex/Life’?

Anyone who has seen the Netflix series ‘Sex/Life’ has probably been amazed at the already infamous shower scene. But is what we got to see the reality? Newsweek figured it out.

It has been circulating on TikTok for a while: go to the third episode of ‘Sex/Life’ on Netflix, skip to minute 19:50, and film your reaction. Whoever did that ended up in a shower scene where actor Adam Demos showed off impressively large genitalia.

But whether the actor is really that big in real life remains to be seen. In an interview with Collider, creator Stacy Rukeyser already confirmed that it is indeed Demos that we see in the scene. But whether the genitals are also his, she leaves in the middle. ‘People regularly ask me if it’s real or a prosthesis. And I can only say what Adam Demos says about it: ‘A gentleman doesn’t tell such a thing.’ So let’s leave it to the viewer’s imagination.

An image from the famous shower scene
© Netflix – An image from the famous shower scene

A crew member now confirms in Newsweek that a prosthesis is indeed used in the scene. But what it looks like – and which parts of Demos’ anatomy can and cannot be seen – remains a mystery. According to iMDB, the prosthesis is actually the work of François Dagenais and Tenille Shockey, who in the past mainly made prostheses for horror films and series, such as ‘Hannibal’. “This was a little different than we normally do, but hey,” they briefly responded to Newsweek.

Leading actors Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos in 'Sex/Life'
©Netflix – Leading actors Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos in ‘Sex/Life’

By the way, Demos is not the only one who made use of the ‘prosthesis team’. Lead actress Sarah Shahi (Billie), who also forms a couple with Demos in real life, already told Entertainment Weekly that she wore a prosthesis for her breasts. “When you see a past scene of my character with Brad, it’s my breasts. But I also play a breastfeeding mom, so I can’t have the same breasts in the present as I did in the past. So yes, it took three hours for those prostheses to be fitted.”

‘Sex/Life’ tells the story of Billie, who is married to the respectable Cooper and has two children. She begins to fantasize about her ex, Brad, with whom she lived an exciting life in New York City. She writes down her memories of that romance in her diary. But Cooper reads those writings…

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