Lopez Obrador to Trump on tariffs: ‘I am not cowardly or timorous’

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), Mexican president has responded to Donald Trump, president of the United States, after his threatening tariffs, and said: “I’m not cowardly or timorous.”

The Federal Executive declared that human beings do not undertake a trip with so many risks for pleasure, but rather they go in search of a better life opportunity.

This Thursday, Lopez Obrador wrote a letter to Trump to respond to the threat on the implementation of more tariffs for Mexico for not containing the migratory crisis; retaliation is the increase of five percent against products from the Aztec land.

In addition, AMLO added that it is not possible to fix a social problem with coercive measures that may cause greater damage, and even pointed out that the Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol. “How to convert the country of fraternity overnight to the world’s migrants in a ghetto, in a closed space, where the right to freedom is stigmatized, mistreated, persecuted, expelled and canceled? justice to those who seek with effort and work to live free from misery?”

Lopez Obrador stressed that with this letter he does not expect terms of confrontation with the neighboring country of the north; In fact, the president exhorted his US counterpart to keep the dialogue open in a prudent and responsible environment.

Also, the Mexican president requested that Trump receives in the White House the representatives who seek to initiate a joint solution; The group will be headed by Marcelo Ebrard, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

Donald Trump’s decision to retaliate against the Aztec land emerged due to the ‘passivity’ of the Mexican government to contain the illegal migratory flow that travels in search of the American dream.

Regarding the migrant Caravans, the president pointed out that they are a threat and an emergency that threatens the national security of the United States. But Lopez Obrador said that very soon Mexicans will not need to migrate and explained that the country will become “power with a social dimension”.

Finally, regarding migration policy, AMLO stressed that Mexico tries to prevent migrants from crossing its territory without violating human rights, and reminded Trump that there was a pending proposal to promote the development of the Central American countries to jointly provide a solution background to the problem.

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