Man drops iPhone 6s from 610 meters and it still works

Some people are afraid that their smartphone will drop out of their hands and hit the ground floor, but then what if you are 610 meters high in an airplane and you suddenly lose your iPhone through the window? It happened to a Brazilian documentary maker with his iPhone 6s. But not only did the iPhone survive the dive, but the camera also recorded everything neatly on video.

Brazilian documentary maker Ernesto Galiotto flew over Cabo Frio’s beach in Rio de Janeiro for one of his projects. He wants to shoot images through a window of the plane with his iPhone 6s, which he is holding with one hand. The strong wind causes Galiotto to unload the device. In free fall, the iPhone keeps on filming.

Galiotto knows that for sure because he found his smartphone, thanks to the Find My iPhone app. It turned out that Galiotto’s phone was still on and had ended up on the beach. The iPhone, protected only by a case and a screen protector, was virtually intact.

Last year a photographer already had the same idea during a flight over South Iceland. He also dropped his device – also an iPhone 6s – and recovered it thirteen months later.

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