Never miss these mouthwatering African foods

African food is varied, tasty, and, if you like, decadent. You not only spoil for choice; eating delicious foods also opens your eyes to the cultural essence of the tribes/races of the continent.

Africa is a continent with many attractions. Visitors and vacationers are often drawn to the continent by its many positive characteristics, including its friendly and energetic people, inviting climate, and natural wonders. Because of these factors, Africa continues to be a top tourist destination for millions of people each year.

Here are some of the best African foods you should try

1. Nyama na irio (Kenya)

Nyama na irio
©pinterest – Nyama na irio

Kenya is famed for its long-distance runners, and many Kenyans will ascribe their stamina to the health benefits of another valuable staple food, sukuma wiki. It means “grow for the week” in Swahili, signifying that this dish can feed the family for a week.

This popular dish, initially a Kikuyu staple that has spread throughout Kenya, includes mashed potatoes, peas, beans, maize, and onion and is often served with spicy roasted meat, supported by enticing spices and condiments.

2. Jollof rice (Western Africa)

Sierra Leone wins 2019 Jollof competition held in the USA
Jollof rice

Jollof rice is a favorite meal throughout the West African sub-region. However, a heated competition exists between Nigerians, Senegalese, and Ghanaians who make the most delicious dish, with the latter claiming to have the best variety.

Jollof is a pot of rice cooked with tomato sauce and served with meat or its most basic fish. Chicken is another typical side dish at Jollof. Delight your eyes, alter your taste buds as you watch the rice absorb the prepared juices/sauces, and turn orange when it reaches the preparation.

3. Muamba de Galinha (Angola)

Muamba de Galinha
©Boas Novas MG – Muamba de Galinha

Like the famous Caldeirada de Peixe (fish stew), this dish shows the strong influence of Portuguese cooking on this former colony. It regards as one of Angola’s national food heritages.

It is also known as chicken Muamba; it is a spicy and slightly oily stew made with palm oil or palm butter, garlic, chilies, and okra. Variations of chicken Muamba, such as chicken moambé, are found throughout the Congo River region, often served with cassava leaves and white rice.

4. Chicken Kebabs (Egypt)

Chicken Kebabs
©Kitchen Sanctuary – Chicken Kebabs

This North African dish is a favorite in Cairo and across Egypt. Before you feed your tongue an unforgettable treat, watch as skilled chefs transform boneless chicken breasts into mouthwatering kebabs, complete with cardamom, black pepper, and other ingredients you should find out for yourself. As they say, the flavor of the pudding is in the food!

5. Pap en Vleis/Shisa nyama (South Africa)

Pap en Vleis/Shisa nyama
©Folio Nigeria – Pap en Vleis/Shisa nyama

This dish is considered an institution, not only in South Africa but in the entire region. Get ready for a food adventure of a lifetime when you come in contact with maize porridge and meat. It’s an umbrella meal covering exciting simmered beef or braaied and starch, which sit alongside obligatory accompaniments like chakalaka or spicy sauce.

Then it would be preferable if you didn’t miss Shisa nyama or “Burn the meat” (in Zulu), which means enjoying any combination of steaks, kebabs, chops, and chicken, among others. If you enjoy this with a local beer, you can’t leave South Africa in a hurry.

6. Alloco (Ivory Coast)

©Cookpad – Alloco

Alloco consists of Ivorian fried plantain served with chili, onions, eggs, and a tasty tomato sauce. Famous for its unique taste and ease of preparation, you won’t have to keep the wolves in your belly for too long.

7. Ndole (Cameroon)


Ndole is an aromatic and tasty dish consisting of bitter leaves (cooked several times to lose their bitterness), crushed spices, stewed nut, beef, or fish. It usually eats with rice, potatoes, or plantain.

8. Piri Piri chicken( Mozambique)

Piri Piri chicken
©The happy foodie – Piri Piri chicken

Mozambique’s culinary scene is a heady mix of African, Portuguese, Oriental, and Arabic flavors-think, hot Piri Piri, fragrant spices, and creamy coconut sauces with hints of peanuts and cashew.

Sizzling, spicy shrimp and seafood are often the first choice for visitors to Maputo. Still, they don’t miss the iconic Mozambican dish Galinha a Zambeziana, a succulent feast of chicken cooked with lime, garlic, pepper, Piri Piri sauce, and coconut milk.

It is generally known as grilled chicken Piri Piri by tourists and conventionally served cassava leaves, Matapa cooked in a peanut sauce.

9. Chambo with nsima( Malawi)

Chambo with nsima
©Pinterest – Chambo with nsima

Chambo is Lake Malawi’s most popular and well-known fish and a national favorite. It serves grilled along the lakeshore, usually with nsima (a stiff porridge similar to South African pap and Zimbabwean sadza) or French fries.

A plate of Chambo is not whole without Ndiwo, a yummy relish made from pumpkin or cassava leaves, tomatoes, and peanut powder. Nsima and Ndiwo are revered staples in neighboring Zambia, as is Ifisashi, a dish of greens in a peanut sauce.

10. Couscous Royale (Tunisia)

Couscous Royale
©Le Versant – Couscous Royale

Couscous is an essential dish appreciated in the vast North African landscape. It consists of steamed semolina. If you want to take this meal up a notch, ask for Couscous Royale, with lamb cuttings. At other times, ask for especially spiced chicken on the side. Saffron also includes to give you a wonderful dining experience.

11. Waakye (Ghana)

©pinterest – Waakye

The breakfast of champions, waakye, is a top-rated morning meal in Ghana but can be eaten throughout the day. Filling and tasty, it combines beans, rice, wet gari (ground cassava), stew, and spaghetti (the only non-Ghanaian part of the dish). It is usually served with a protein choice to choose between fish, meat, or hard-boiled eggs. Kelewele (spicy plantain) and a vegetable salad are other extras that take Waakye to a whole new level.

12. Superkanja (Gambia)

©Access Gambia – Superkanje

It is a Gambian okra stew that packs a nutritional and flavorful punch with its combination of leafy vegetables, such as spinach, collards, okra, and sweet potato leaves. Combined with onions, chilies, fish, or meat, variations of this dish found throughout West Africa, such as Ghanaian kontomire.

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