Pole dancer thunders 6 meters down and continues stripping

The pole dance act of a striptease use in a nightclub in Dallas went severely wrong. Genea Sky thundered down from a height of six meters, pretended nothing was wrong, and continue dancing. Luckily her colleague on stage, who was hit so severely, remained unharmed.

Images of the fall went viral. The striptease was left with a broken jaw, a sprained ankle, and several cracked teeth, and the fractured jaw needed surgery. Genea posted an Instagram video online from her hospital bed Monday night and explained the condition of her injuries.

‘I get a lot of messages asking if everything’s okay with me. It could have been a lot worse. It was a very long day today, and my surgery went well. My jaw is stitched shut, so please don’t call me,” she explained to her fans.


The dancer stated that she was overwhelmed by the many support messages she received. “I’m truly blessed, and I appreciate everyone’s kind messages.” She explained having a lot of pain, “but I’m ready to take to restore the long way so I can return to my normal life.”

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The fall is recorded as an accident, but if the insurance of the XTC Cabaret club will intervene is just the question. Her striptease income is not sufficient to cover medical costs.

Genea’s friends now put their hopes in a GoFundMe crowdfunding where 38,000 dollars have been raised so far.

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