Police investigate online photo of dead body of Sala: “Disgusting”

The British police are investigating who posted a photo of the possible body of the deceased soccer player Emiliano Sala on the internet. The photo may have been taken in the mortuary in Bournemouth, where the body was briefly. “It’s horrible that someone does something like that.”

According to the BBC, there is a photo of a body on the internet that is said to be the remains of the Argentinian professional footballer who died in January.

Even more pain

A spokesman for the Dorset police, who is leading the investigation into the plane crash, says to the British broadcaster: “We know that the photo is circulating on social media and it is said that Mr. Sala’s body is. We are disgusted that someone does this.” According to the spokesperson, it is currently “a very difficult time” for the Sala family. “They should not have to endure any more pain, something that clearly causes this shameful act.”


The British police are investigating the photo to see how and when it was taken and who is responsible for it. Sky News states that it seems that the photo was taken in the mortuary in Bournemouth – the body of Sala was kept there for some time – and that someone may have invaded there to take the photo. The image is said to have been posted on social media a few weeks ago and is now going around.

Police investigate online photo of dead body of Sala: "Disgusting"
©EPA – A photo released by British authorities of the aircraft wreck at the bottom of the North Sea.

Aircraft accident

28-year-old Sala and pilot David Ibbotson were in a small plane that disappeared from the radar on Monday, January 21. The two were on their way from France to England after the football player had just been taken over from FC Nantes for 20 million euros by Cardiff City. The plane, with the body of Sala in it, was only found two weeks later, at the bottom of the sea.

Research has shown that the football player died of injuries to his head and trunk when the plane crashed into the channel. The pilot of the aircraft is still missing. The authorities have said that the investigation of the air accident investigation department can take up to twelve months. Among other things, an interim report showed that the pilot did not have the correct papers to perform a commercial flight.

Heart attack

With the “very difficult time” for the Sala family, the police spokesperson also refers to the sudden death of the footballer’s father. Father Horacio died of a heart attack last Thursday at the age of 58.

“He said he could never get over the grief of his deceased son again. It is, therefore, that great sadness that he ultimately became fatal,” Mayor Julio Muller of Progreso told the press. Emilio grew up in that small community in Argentina and his family still lives there.

Police investigate online photo of dead body of Sala: "Disgusting"
©AFP – Horacio Sala, the father of football player Emiliano Sala, died of a heart attack last Thursday.

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