Sleeping with different men won’t make you rich – Moesha

Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong is of the opinion that sleeping with different men will not make a woman rich.

The actress who made headlines in Ghana, after disclosing the information during her interview with CNN Journalist. she allegedly sleeps with men for money but she has provided advice to women on social media.

According to Moesha, men do not like women who lie from left to right, women should refrain from doing so. Moesha says that sleeping with different men would not make a woman rich, because men prefer women they trust.

Sleeping with different men won't make you rich - Moesha

She wrote: “Sleeping with different men will never make you rich or prosperous. Men love women who are exclusive. Do not believe everything you read on social media and do not believe the rumors.”

Moesha recently revealed in an interview that she had had liposuction. “I really did lipo [liposuction] but it was on my belly and not on my butt as people say. Removing fat from my stomach made me stand out. But this is neither false nor artificial.”

The actress, however, refuted the accusations that she had made an increase in her buttocks. “I did not do my buttocks, the Ghanaians say I did it, I was like you know what, if they say I did it, so let me do it.”

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