The 5 places where you should never charge your mobile phone

You think this article is about how to protect your battery from devices that could damage it, but you are wrong. Our issue here is more important. It has to do with the protection of your personal data. And we explain:

You will likely run out of battery while out, and a kiosk with USB ports ideal for mobile is very tempting.

But the same temptation is for those who want to steal files or gain access to foreign devices.

These charging stations, along with the USB devices they offer, can be easily modified in such a way as to give access to strangers on your phone. It would help if you never used a public USB port to charge your phone, mainly when these ports are located in the following locations:


All airports have mobile charging stations and damn if we have not given our battles to find or catch a place. But maybe that was our big mistake, that we trusted unknown devices and charged our mobile phone with them, leaving it completely unprotected.

“In general, the places where people don’t care about the security of their devices, because they may be in a hurry, are the places where ‘bad people’ would pick up and carry out such attacks. “That’s where one could use one’s device to access sensitive information hidden inside your cell phone.”

Train stations

This may not mean much to you, but it is probably the biggest risk you face when it comes to your mobile phone when you charge it in places you do not know. For example, a criminal may set up a free charging station at a train or bus station, which does nothing but “suck” your data.

When people plug their phones into a USB port, their phone, while still charging and sensitive data, is copied; therefore, if you need to charge your phone in a public place

, it is best to connect the USB cable to a 110volt switch adapter or in short use your charger and not the cable alone. This is a very useful tip in general.


The USB port on the hotel alarm clock may seem very easy to use, but you better stay away from it. There is a possibility that someone has installed something strange in it, and instead of just charging your mobile phone, you “grab” malware that steals all your data. Prefer simple sockets on the wall of your room, and do not look for USB ports.

Rented car

Today you can find USB ports for charging almost everywhere, including rental cars. “These ports are very convenient and are often easier to find than a free socket.

But instead of using the public USB port, use your charger somewhere outside the car. No one knows what software may be hiding inside.

Shopping malls

You go looking for trouble if you use a kiosk in a mall full of USB ports, and this is because you allow an unknown port to connect to your phone and do freely what you can imagine.

Send your contact list, your emails and your messages -even your voice-, as well as pictures and videos. It can also copy passwords, bank details, personal contacts and generally whatever data is on your phone. And of course, as we said above, to transfer some malware into your phone.

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