The best dating tips for shy men

Scenarios run through your head. Immediate rejection, a conversation that stops or is completely ignored. All the doomsday scenarios have passed, and no way you’re going to approach her if even one of these things could happen.

However, you see how your crush runs off with someone else who did have the guts to approach her. There you are, wondering why you’re so shy and didn’t approach her yourself. These are the dating tips for shy men.

Dating tips for shy men

Trust us, guys; it’s easier than you think. These are just a few points that you need to adjust to turn an introverted person into a real Casanova.

Focus on yourself first

How do you convince someone that you’re nice enough when you don’t believe in it yourself? Shyness often stems from insecurity. It’s important to know that that one rejection doesn’t suddenly mean the world is over. Build self-confidence in other areas to develop social qualities.

Picking up a woman and having a conversation are two completely different things. The solution for shy men is not necessarily all of a sudden approaching strange women.

Through successes in other areas, you improve your social skills, and that self-confidence will automatically translate to other aspects of your life.

Start dating

No matter how to start dating. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable and annoying it is at first because you will only get better at it. It can be not easy to start conversations and have fun, but it sure is if you never try.

Over time, you will feel more comfortable and have less trouble having fun conversations. Because practice makes perfect, right?

Women are only human too

Know that women are also ordinary people with common interests. Interests that may match yours. However, you will never find out if you don’t start a conversation.

Sometimes you find out that your interests don’t match at all. Not bad at all, because there are plenty of other nice women. You will never find out if you don’t dare to start a conversation.

Go for the ‘friend zone’

Okay, please don’t take this too literally. In most cases, you don’t want to target this when you like someone, but it’s essential to be as comfortable as possible in any situation. In this case, that’s talking to women.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the pub with the love of your life. Even women you haven’t necessarily caught your eye on can help you become more comfortable in conversations. You can then apply this later to that one woman that you like.

Do you want to build a little more self-confidence? Then use some good opening lines and get better at flirting. Then you know for sure that things are going well in the beginning.

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