The real reason women accept night outs

However, one of the leading buying motivations for women to accept night outs is “competition” with other women around them.

Who knows women better than those marketers and advertisers who spend their days trying to sell them improbable stuff like collagen injections in the lips, organic cosmetics, or padded bras that only create disappointment in guys?

Having a more superior bag, jeans, or a classier blouse, from a better brand than your girlfriends matters a lot in the purchase decision. And there, it immediately made the parallel that ends up in bed.

One of the main reasons a woman can sleep with a man for a one-to-one story is competition. Women often have this need to feel more attractive, more relaxed, more desirable than other women.

This is exactly why women continue to be attracted to sleeping with their mate on duty when they know his reputation inside out.

Once you are aware of this, you will have “superpower” with women… A bonus to having them around you. There’s nothing like a little competition and female jealousy to get a woman into bed with you.

When you are in the seduction phase with a girl, do not hesitate to mention another woman who has views on you … Or to flirt gently with the lady who takes care of you!

Better to walk away with the woman you talked to all evening without results… Or you are fed up that your first dates end with your tail between your legs after the girl has said goodbye to you, kissing you…

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