These 10 things women love in the bedroom

It can be challenging to know what women want in bed. Expressing desires is not always obvious, especially with women.

What do women like in bed?

While some women will let you know exactly what they like in bed, others find it harder to express what they want, making everything harder. It remains a mystery for men from time to time.

So what do women like in bed? We have listed several points so that you become good in bed.

The best foreplay starts outside the bedroom

It doesn’t start and end in the bedroom. Do your best to communicate s3xually during the day, especially if you have plans to see each other that evening. Send an exciting text around lunchtime, something women like. Let your partner know that you think of her that way, even when you’re not together.

When it feels romantic, women feel romantic. For women, the physical arousal does not translate into mental arousal, and women need both for a good time.

Take your time

Teasing. Unless you’re going for a quick!e (something women fully support), the slower you go, or the more time you take before you do it, the better. Plus, a guy who comes across as impatient is a big turn-off.

So don’t go straight into the bedroom! Women are not turned on like a faucet, it is a process, and you as a man have to take the time for that.

Make noise too

Men love it when women make noise, but they rarely do it themselves. It’s great for women if men also make noise or even curse for the pleasure of the act. This way, you show that you love it, which gets her in the mood even more.

Undress her slowly

Undress her slowly to make things more exciting. What some women want is to be unwrapped slowly like a present. That you take off your clothes is mediocre.

Look at her

The whole is much, much nicer when it’s intimate. It feels so much more passionate, and that’s a huge turn-on. You have to slow down now and then.

Kissing and eye contact throughout are a must. The more women can lose themselves in the moment and enjoy what their man is doing to them, the better.

“Don’t stop”

When she says “don’t stop,” it means don’t stop! Not the speed, not the rhythm, nothing. The moral of the story: “don’t stop” means just that.

She must be happy too

When men have reached their peak, that’s the end. Make sure she’s happy too. Don’t focus on the goal (your orga*m); it’s going to happen, and believe that if you take your time, the result will be worth it. Just because you’re ready doesn’t mean she is.

Afterplay is also a thing

Afterplay! Even if you’re having a quick!e without much passion, hugs and a kiss before you fall asleep are the best way to make sure she’s lying next to you with a smile on her face.

Do it outside the bedroom

People do it on vacation more often than at home. Of course, not all enjoy the luxury of traveling whenever and wherever they want. So start small.

Do it in the living room. Or try out the best positions in the shower. Small changes in the routine can have a huge impact on your attitude.


Humor takes the pressure off of, well, pretty much everything. Everything in the bedroom doesn’t have to be so serious. It’s like when we throw our clothes aside, our sense of humor gets thrown away too.

A good laugh can improve intimacy and relieve some of the pressure you feel to perform. This makes it easier to be spontaneous and enjoy the whole thing.

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