Not feeling well? 10 ways to improve your mental health

We should take our mental health as seriously as our physical health. Yet we often do not prioritize our mental health. Until we run into the lamp. Then we find out that we have been swamped lately and have difficulty balancing work, friends, and health.

Is this recognizable, and are you not feeling very well at the moment? Then it is vital to give your mental health priority now. The habits below can help with this. Also, keep them on when you feel okay again to avoid this feeling in the future.

Improve mental health

We collected 10 ways to improve your mental health when you are not feeling well.

Talk about it

It may feel a bit like an open door, but we all know how difficult it can be to talk about how you feel. Still, this is the very best tip we can give you. Talk about it with a family member, your partner, or your best friend.

Just expressing your thoughts and concerns and hearing someone else’s response can do wonders.

For example, do you have stress at work, and are you therefore not feeling well? Only by talking about it with your supervisor can this change – they cannot read minds! Not sure exactly why you’ve been feeling so low on energy and stressed lately? Then consider talking to a professional.

Keep a diary

Another outlet can be a journal. There you write everything you want to say, without judgment. This is also a good tip for when you are in bed worrying at night.

Write down what’s bothering you and promise yourself you’ll look into it tomorrow – it certainly helped a lot! Because you know you won’t forget it tomorrow, it’s easier to let it go.

Get enough sleep

That brings us to the next point. One that we cannot emphasize enough. Sleep is so underrated. Too little sleep is a common reason why people feel uncomfortable. You need it to function! So really commit yourself to prioritize sleep for a while.

Go into nature

Walking in nature brings so many benefits that you can no longer ignore them. This improves your short-term memory and concentration and makes you more creative.

But it also reduces a lot of things: stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, for example. There are so few stimuli in nature that you can come to yourself again and put things in order.

Get plenty of exercises

Everyone knows that sports and exercise, in general, are suitable for your physical health. But we often forget the mental benefits it brings. Especially if you are not feeling well, exercising is an excellent way to improve your mental health.

This is partly because it increases feel-good substances such as endorphins, serotonin, and testosterone.

Be grateful

According to research, the psychological benefits of gratitude are endless. It can alleviate depression, help you sleep, improve your diet, and probably give you more sports. Gratitude is so powerful that heart patients recover faster when they keep a gratitude journal.

Talk nice to yourself

We are often our own worst critic, which of course, isn’t very good for your mental health. Unfortunately, the critical way we talk to ourselves cannot be turned on and off with a switch. You will have to work hard to accept yourself fully.

In any case, the first step has been taken if you catch yourself making critical remarks. Try to put them into perspective!

Phone detox

Less screen time can do a lot for your mental health. As a result, you are much less busy with all the fun things the rest of the world does while you are sitting at home on the couch, for example.

Make a playlist of feel-good songs

Make a playlist with all kinds of power songs that immediately make you feel good. This comes in handy when you’re going through it. Playlist on and sing along loud.


Another activity that has a lot of proven benefits: meditation. For example, if you meditate regularly, stress decreases, you learn to let go of worrying thoughts, frustrations decrease, and you are less likely to be upset. Look, we must have that!

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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