These 3 things women like in men

You’ve probably wondered what women look for in a man, and you’ve probably heard that women like men who are confident. But let’s take a closer look at that.

What do women find attractive?

You may have heard that women like the bad boy. This can make it sound to some people that women are attracted to jerks, which behave antisocially. Now, this could happen, but this is not what is meant by the bad boy. What women want is for you to be confident and, above all, to be yourself. With the three tips below, you can make a confident impression on a woman.

Be confident, but not arrogant

Try to be a little confident, show that you have a sense of humor or that you dare to flirt with her and take charge. Make sure you don’t come across as arrogant. You don’t have to act tougher than you are, but you can show that you’re a man with balls (not literally!).

Take initiative

Many women like it when men show some initiative. This is not to say that you should decide everything for a woman or always lead every situation. On a date, it can attract women when you already have some sort of plan. Often it is men who ask a woman out. That is already a form of leadership.

When you are in the restaurant, you can ask your date what she wants to drink and then order something for the two of you. Many women appreciate the fact that you propose and take the initiative.

Have an opinion about things

Many women want a man who can form his own opinion about things. So don’t overthink about what she would like to hear, but show your own opinion. This way, you not only appear more confident during your date, but you are also just authentic.

Even when a woman doesn’t quite agree with you, the fact that you’re just giving your opinion can be attractive because it comes across as confident.

Do you want to impress? Then giving a compliment is one way. However, it should not be too much, and a cliché sentence does not help either. Women themselves tell us which compliments do work.

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