This is the best way to dump someone, according to research

While we would like relationships to last indefinitely, the reality is that this is rarely the case. After a few nice dates, if you don’t feel like moving on, there’s only one good option: dump. Now no one likes to be pushed aside but do it right if it has to be done. In short, we give a crash course in dumping for beginners.

What’s the best way to dump someone?

This is the best way to dump someone, according to research

When being dumped, you may quickly think of the negative feeling that comes with it. Still, it’s less bad than you think if you’re just a little discreet. That means nothing more than making it clear that it isn’t going to work out between you. Now you can never avoid breaking someone’s heart, but you can change the approach.

The difficulty of dumping someone has to do with the emotions involved. So you will have to consider how he/she is likely to react, and yes, that differs from person to person. Research shows that the way bad news is told determines how people respond to it. This way, we can show different scenarios to know which approach works best in a particular situation.

Be honest and direct, but don’t be blunt

Honesty is very important in a relationship, but it is also important to use this when breaking a relationship. So clarity and directness. So don’t make excuses if you want to dump him/ her, but just say what it is.

That’s not to say you can get away with saying that his/her best friend can kiss much better; be subtle. Starting the conversation with “we need to talk” still works better than “I’m quitting because I’m dating someone now.”

How to understand that a man will soon dump you

Clarify, but don’t be too soft

Precisely by approaching the conversation subtly and tactfully, you take his/ her feelings into account, and the blow is less complicated. Of course, it doesn’t remain very pleasant for him/her, but you give the needed clarity. Try at all times to avoid being ‘too soft.’

This may result in a limited feeling of guilt in yourself, but it is, in fact, very selfish, and it can also make him/her think that there is still a chance of recovery.

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