Thousands of banknotes flew down in a poverty-stricken neighborhood

Chaos arose in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Hong Kong after thousands of banknotes suddenly flew down from the sky. People tried to collect as many banknotes as possible on the street.

According to the South China Morning Post, the police received reports that someone was scattering banknotes in the ‘Fuk Wa Street’, where the police went on the spot. Apparently, someone at the location first had a speech, in which he also announced that something important was about to happen. Suddenly the speaker said: “Does anyone believe that money can fall from the sky?” A few minutes later, thousands of banknotes of 100 Hong Kong Dollars (11 euros) whirled down from an apartment block.


People tried to pick up as many notes as possible on the street, although officers tried to stop them. According to the South China Morning Post, behind the stunt is a man who promotes crypto coins.

The man behind Epoch Cryptocurrencies may be behind the stunt

Wong Ching Kit, which is known online as ‘Young Coin Master’, posted a video later on Facebook in which he claims to “steal the rich to help the poor”. But when he was asked for an explanation, he denied. He may just want to avoid a fine. Because whoever is behind it, the initiator threatens to be prosecuted for disruption of public order. The police also investigate whether the money has been obtained in a legal manner.

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