What to do when your life is a complete disaster

Most people, when problems arise, prefer to adapt to new uncomfortable conditions rather than throwing all their inner resources to overcome difficulties. You lose control of your life and endure constant disorder. If you are tired of this and you really want to change something, it’s time to act.

10 tips on what to do when your life is a complete disaster

Limit all useless actions

Certain actions that you do every day do not bring you anything but unnecessary confusion and also distract you from solving important problems. Think for a moment how many hours a day you spend on social media, watching funny videos, trying to recover from the alarm, answering emails outside of office hours, and more.

Limit such meaningless actions, and you will immediately have more time and energy to take a more deliberate approach to organize your life.

Engage in self-improvement

Stop justifying your inaction, start planning your time, set goals that reflect your values, pump yourself up as a person and as a professional in your field. All this is necessary in order for you to really start a new period. As you become better, you will try to get rid of the clutter, solve all your problems in a timely manner, and not leave any area of your life unattended.

Get rid of negativity

Try to carefully limit communication with family and friends who bring nothing but negativity into your life. Don’t waste your time swearing with them, don’t give them a second or third chance to meet your expectations, don’t argue with them, don’t rely on their help. All this will inevitably lead to disappointment, worries, stress. Protect yourself from negativity, and you will be surprised how quickly your life will improve.

Don’t take advice from someone who doesn’t look like you

If you are given advice by people who are completely different from you: they have different views on life, values that differ from yours, otherwise, they set priorities, then you should not listen to them. At best, nothing will change in your life. At worst, you will live in constant chaos, not knowing what to do.

In order to streamline your life, you must stop shifting responsibility onto someone else. No one knows better than you what to do in a particular situation. You can use the advice of others, but at least choose people with similar views and interests.

Learn to refuse people

If you do not know how to refuse people, then most likely, your life is chaotic and unpredictable. Despite your own plans, you agree to any suggestions and requests from others. You only do this because you are afraid to offend or offend them in some way. As a result, you do not have time to deal with your own list of tasks, and other people’s business is next in line.

Do not overload yourself with responsibilities: sometimes it is better to refuse a person than to promise something, and do it mediocre or completely forget about it.

Replace bad habits with good ones

Get rid of the influence of your bad habits: instead of getting 5 hours of sleep, force yourself to go to bed early and rest for at least 8 hours. Instead of ordering fast food, try to cook for yourself, perhaps even a week in advance. Instead of working until you burn out, set boundaries and allow yourself to be distracted and relaxed more often.

Don’t just get rid of bad habits, but immediately replace them with good ones. So, you will have better chance overtime to put in order your life, changing it beyond recognition.

Start planning your business

Planning your business will help you learn how to manage your time correctly, reduce the risk that you may forget about some important tasks, and save you from unnecessary worries.

Just give yourself 5-10 minutes to write a to-do list for the day, week, and month. Mark your goals on the calendar and make a plan for how you will achieve them. Remember to include small things in your schedule, like washing dishes or doing laundry, otherwise, they will accumulate and pour out into a fully loaded day with homework. It is better to do them on time, without postponing until later.

Get rid of unnecessary things

The disorder in life must be eradicated in everything. If you have a lot of things at home that you don’t use, try to get rid of them. Throw away old clothes, sell equipment, distribute what has been preserved in good condition to your family and friends. You can send some of the unnecessary trash to charity or recycling.

The main thing is not to regret that the number of things in your apartment is decreasing. This will help you eliminate distractions and organize your space more comfortably.

Automate whatever you can

Do it if you can automate some repetitive tasks that do not require your direct participation. This way you will save yourself a lot of time and energy that you can spend on something more important. For example, let the application perform the mailing of letters or pay recurring payments on its own, according to your settings. You can buy a dishwasher or a robotic vacuum cleaner to use less energy cleaning.

Stop putting off doing things for later

Stop promising yourself that you will accomplish what you planned tomorrow. This will not happen tomorrow, Monday, or early next month. If you postpone something once, where is the guarantee that you will nevertheless take up your mind and bring what you started to the end after a while? Solve your problems as soon as they come: even if the task seems unimportant and not urgent to you, try to complete it as soon as possible so as not to be distracted by it in the future and not create chaos in your to-do list.

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