Why is Africa so rich but so Poor? Top 5 points might cause it

Why is Africa so rich but so Poor? Colonization cannot be an excuse all the time. We must recognize that we black Africans have a very complicated inferiority complex, which we need to get rid-off if we want to achieve real economic progress in our countries.

However painful it may be, we black people seem to have some problems. Our mentality and the way we act. As Africans, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves. What is wrong with us? Analyze all the mistakes we have made since our so-called “independence” and change our way of acting.

5 points that might be considered as the cause of Africans to be poor

1. Religion

Why is Africa so rich but so Poor? Top 5 points might cause it

It is normal to have a deep sense of spirituality and a strong faith in God. Still, Africans are taking their religion to a whole new level. Most religious Africans prefer to spend weeks in bed and prayer looking for solutions to their problems, rather than thinking about innovative ways to earn income and wealth.

Around 80% of the workforce comprises entrepreneurs, among whom successful people know that it takes more than religion to succeed. The irony is that religious leaders are billionaires, while the most faithful church members – those who pay their donations and tithes in good faith – are poor.

It is fatal to have a deep sense of spirituality without clarity. There is a quote on the American dollar: “In God we trust”, but no American will leave it up to God or his spiritual leaders to decide on policies about anything. Even the idea of abortion has mixed views.

I mean, Africa is poor because it does not yet understand the specific place of religion in its life. A wise man once told me: Once Africa had all the gold and diamonds, and when they came with their Bible – they left with all the gold and diamonds – now all Africa has is the Bible.

2. Colonization and Slavery

Why is Africa so rich but so Poor? Top 5 points might cause it

I will be brief – we all know what impact these phenomena have had on Africa and its people. But the main impression that most people do not realize is that – slavery and colonization – remains in the psyche of the African people, the idea that they are subhuman and inadequate – subconsciously.

That, their ideas, inspiration, and knowledge are not so important compared to white Americans, Asians, or Europeans, the list goes on. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For example, – most investors, whether black Africans, Asians, or whites, prefer to finance a company with 100% white men founders, opposing those companies and ideas formulated by Africans. Here is a simple analogy – black Americans and black Africans do not appreciate other black and black American ideas as they do whites.

It simply means that if Africans believe us, something is worthwhile if it does not come from us. An African engineer built the first electric propulsion vehicle on the continent. Yet, he struggled to get investors, while his country’s top millionaire pumps millions into Tesla.

3. Knowledge

Why is Africa so rich but so Poor? Top 5 points might cause it

Africa has large collections of knowledge. Information you can’t even find on google search, knowledge about astrology, agriculture, irrigation, and mathematics spans thousands of years. The problem is, this knowledge is not consolidated – and cannot easily be referred to.

Information is the most powerful tool on earth. A classic example, the United States of America, a country with minimal natural resources, is the powerhouse and leading country in the world only because of its ability to collect and understand information.

The collection of information ranges from collecting extensive data to computer science, advanced weapons to healthcare, and education. Their ability to continually look for new ways to improve old information – the idea of innovation sets them apart.

Africa can have that if they start the process now. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Quora are all knowledge-based companies with a net worth of hundreds of billions of dollars. Did you know that Google + Apple + Microsoft + Facebook together is the African continent’s entire GDP, a continent with over 50 sovereign nations.

Unfortunately, these are only four of the Fortune 500 companies. Suppose African countries were to find ways to centralize information. In that case, the continent has the potential to surpass any continent or world power.

4. Unity

Why is Africa so rich but so Poor? Top 5 points might cause it

Nigeria may be rich in crude oil, but did you think the crude oil reservoir had a specific border and was limited to Nigeria? These borders in Africa are made by Europeans – and they have nothing to do with a natural reservoir of natural resources.

The whole continent is literally sitting on a bed of natural resources. About 40% of the world’s natural resources are in Africa – if properly surveyed, this number could exceed 50%. Some African countries will still discover that they have diamonds and gold, oil and copper, cobalt and platinum, coal, and wood. …As one country becomes rich and produces 10 billionaires, its neighbors have been suffering in civil conflicts for decades. I Africans are practicing pan-Africanism, I think these five things are important:

  1. One unified travel document – the African Union, has already started working with an AU passport, allowing diplomats and serial businessmen to travel to any African country without obtaining a visa.
  2. The single currency – The pan-African currency will raise even the poorest African country, such as Liberia, which mainly uses US dollars as its main currency. Suppose I can travel from Ghana to Kenya with my only passport on a business trip. In that case, I will not have to worry about currency exchange on the continent.
  3. Language – let’s agree once and for all to choose at least two main dominating languages and teach them in all primary schools.

5. Database system

Why is Africa so rich but so Poor? Top 5 points might cause it

Simply create server farms across the continent whose sole purpose is to collect and share information. The information database will help fight terrorism, bandits, and sort of internet criminals.

These groups or peoples can be effectively tracked down and eliminated, and it can help the IG to track and contain diseases such as Ebola and HIV.

It can help us gather information about non-Africans or Africans who are trying to keep Africa poor through the epiphany of civil conflict. Information is power – it has to be protected like Fort Knox.

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