Woman (24) dies shortly after giving birth to twins: “Her body weakened by coronavirus”

Her biggest life goal: to become a mom, but Larissa Blanco (24) was over the moon when she gave birth to twins in the Brazilian city of São Paulo last weekend. Not much later, however, fate struck: the woman lost so much blood that she suffered cardiac arrest and died. According to the treating doctors, the coronavirus also played a role. “Her body was too weakened to resist.”

The young lady had tested positive for the virus three weeks ago after feeling flu. Her health went the wrong way afterward. A hospital admission on June 26 was supposed to provide relief.

A day later, the delivery was already on the program. A ‘minor complication’ occurred with baby number two. Nothing to worry about, it seemed. Father Diego mainly cared about the newborns and left his wife alone in the room.

Not much later, however, he received terrible news. Larissa lost too much blood, and she urgently needed a transfusion. Despite frantic efforts, the doctors subsequently failed to save her life.

“Tears with spouts”

“It was her big dream to become a mother,” Diego knows. “I’ll never forget her face when she gave birth to those babies. It was such an emotional moment. God has now left those two little angels in front of me. I need to draw strength from them. I cried tears with spouts when I first saw Guilherme and Gustavo.”

Brazil is the second-worst affected country after the United States in terms of the coronavirus. More than 1.5 million contaminations have already been diagnosed, and more than 62,000 people have died. Particularly worrying: the peak in the country has not yet been reached.

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