You can recognize a bore-out by this and you can do this about it

Life hasn’t gotten any more exciting for most people lately. If you also have a boring job, then you have to watch out for a bore-out. According to Swiss research, about 15% of employees are at risk of getting sick from boredom. How you can avoid this minor visible pitfall.

A bore-out is actually the opposite of a burnout. The workload is so low, or the tasks you perform are too routine, which makes you bored every working day. This makes you tired and even depressed in the long run.

Although we can consider burnout and boreout as opposites, the symptoms are much the same. You feel burned out, sleep poorly, are irritable, cynical, and sometimes even aggressive.

You can also suffer from physical complaints such as headaches and reduced resistance. An additional danger of a bore-out is that we sometimes recognize this condition even less quickly than burnout. After all, boredom is not always involved. Low self-esteem often ensures that you are constantly busy, but not with things that give you energy.


The most important question is: how do you fix a bore-out? Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment. You cannot prove a bore-out clinically and is, therefore, no reason to stay at home. You can only tackle the cause.

It sometimes happens that the job you were wildly enthusiastic about at first starts to bother over time. You always encounter the same successes and problems and face the latter on automatic pilot.

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Then you have probably grown out of your job. You have further developed your talents, but your work has not evolved and now offers you too little challenge.

You may have built up a good relationship with your colleagues and employer, and you do not want to end this relationship for a new adventure.

The solution is to talk to your superior about it. Find out if you can take on interesting new tasks or exchange them for some that you are looking forward to. You may even be able to progress to another position.

You can also ask your employer to be allowed to follow a course. This way, you break through the daily routine, and you get the opportunity to develop yourself further within an area of interest.

In the best case, you can apply the acquired skills in your job afterward, and your boss will expand your responsibilities to this end. Anyone who keeps their mind sharp and continues to challenge themselves through lifelong learning does not give a bore-out a chance.


If the training or revised job responsibilities at your current employer are not an option, there is little else to do other than look for a new job. Imagine what your life will look like in x number of years if you do not take action.

If you don’t like this image, it’s up to you to change your situation as quickly as possible. After all, there are plenty of jobs. Find out which direction you want to take, inform yourself thoroughly about the possibilities, and, if necessary, be assisted by a career coach. Tackle procrastination by setting time limits within which you will achieve your goals.

Dare to jump

If you have little self-confidence, you are extra sensitive to developing a bore-out. Those who underestimate their own capabilities will not easily try something new. You lack the courage to take risks and resign to the situation, although it does not make you happy.

Subassertive personalities are often convinced that a certain job is not for them and get stuck in their current job. Assertiveness training or the right therapy can help you to take the initiative and to dare to choose your own happiness.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.

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