You shouldn’t drink coffee after this time

Some people can drink coffee all day long without it having any effect on their sleep. Some people can only drink a coffee to wake up because otherwise, they can no longer sleep at night. According to research, you should stop drinking coffee after this time to be able to sleep undisturbed.

Time to stop drinking coffee

You shouldn't drink coffee after this time

The Sleep Disorders & Research Center conducted a study into when you should stop drinking coffee to get a good night’s sleep. The people who took part in the study were given a dose of caffeine at different times of the day. The quantity was 400 milligrams at a time, which is equivalent to about four cups of coffee. But not every participant got caffeine; some got coffee with no caffeine in it, so a placebo effect.

Results of the study

Of course, this research resulted in results, and it turned out: caffeine does influence sleep. The participants who took caffeine half an hour before going to sleep indicated that the night’s sleep was considerably disturbed. Participants who took caffeine six hours before going to sleep also suffered from this during their sleep. They would have slept

an hour less.

1. You take the last cup of coffee at 2 p.m.

Caffeine stays in your body for a long time, but some do last longer than others. If you want to be sure that the caffeine does not affect your sleep, it is best to drink your last cup of coffee in the morning/early afternoon.

2. Drink a maximum of 4 cups of coffee a day

The Nutrition Center recommends that you drink no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day, about 4 cups of coffee. If you do want more coffee, it is better to switch to decaffeinated coffee.

3. Have a genetic analysis performed if necessary

If you suffer from a bad night’s sleep, you can have a genetic analysis performed. This way, you can find out whether you have a slow or fast metabolism, and you will receive personal advice.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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