10 inexperienced jobs you can do from home

2020 and 2021 are very difficult years from a professional point of view, especially for young people. Therefore, it may be interesting to know which 10 jobs without experience, or almost, can be done from home.

The job market has been hit hard by the health crisis resulting from exacerbating the hardships that the so-called millennial and Z generations were already suffering. In addition to the recession in the labour market, it has been impossible to physically travel to companies, except in the primary sectors, which has prevented many recent graduates from entering programs essential for their learning in the field and the development of their theoretical skills.

We have compiled a list of 10 jobs that can be done in-home working without having practically any experience. A series of useful information for job seekers who want to have some ideas on where to start.

Administrative assistant

The administrative assistant is a position that encompasses many tasks, from those related to managing documents and transactions to functions with a more executive profile, such as scheduling meetings, interviews, and travel management, and answering calls and e-mails.

Customer service technician

The customer service technician is a job that can be done entirely online and for which communication and writing skills are required. Their task is to resolve users’ doubts about different goods and services and mediate in certain procedures.

Data entry

Entering data is a job known as Data Entry since the Anglo-Saxon term has now entered our vocabulary. But what does a data entry officer do? It involves efficiently managing large amounts of information in databases or platforms. It sounds boring, and it probably is, but it’s still an occupation.

Interpreter or translator

Being an interpreter or translator is not a job that everyone can do and is reserved only for those who have special language skills or are bilingual.

If you meet these requirements, it is not difficult to find job opportunities when you need someone able to mediate in interviews, translate texts and documents or check that the practices with foreign clients are correct.

Representative and sales clerk

The sales manager is a very demanding and sometimes boring job, but one of the most recommended for inexperienced people who need to enter the world of work.

They sell goods and services on a more or less large scale, in call centres or door to door.

Search engine and social network evaluator

Among the unskilled jobs that can be done from home listed, one is emerging and linked to new forms of communication. The evaluators of search engines and social networks are in charge of verifying the quality of the information provided by the new media.

Technical support

Have you just graduated and are you good with the internet and technology? Technical support is one of the easiest, fastest, and most recommended options. As in customer service, you can work from home, online, although it takes a lot of patience and attention in dealing with companies and individual cases.

Travel consultant

The travel consultant is another position that has freed itself in this emergency, as long as you have mastered the tasks of management and mediation between clients and companies.

Travel consultants facilitate the holidays of others: booking flights and accommodation, means of transport, excursions.


During a health crisis, you probably know someone who has used their skills in different subjects to work as a private teacher or even as an external consultant to a school. It is an activity that can be carried out remotely and allows you to exploit your knowledge.


Suppose you have studied journalism, philology or a related discipline and you are good at writing. In that case, the position of a copywriter is required not so much in traditional media as by the various online platforms that need texts written according to certain criteria such as, for example, positioning experts and SEO.

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