10 traits that immediately turn women off

Every man goes through it at least once: a woman who turns you off. In many cases, only one cause can be identified. Chances are she’s annoyed by your undisguised rudeness. Dating women can often be compared to walking in a minefield.

Usually, you don’t know what to say or what not to say. The good news is that we do know which ten traits you should leave out on a date.

What can turn a woman off?

If you have finally managed to take the lady of your dreams out, the next step is to follow. How do you avoid giving the wrong impression? Chatting up is the first and often the most straightforward step on the way to a relationship. If she has accepted your invitation, always try to avoid the following situations.

1. Insecurity

One of the biggest turnoffs for women is a man who is insecure about himself. Your lack of self-confidence is often the first thing a woman will see. Of course, nerves are normal, but uncertainty is something of a completely different order.

The reality is she’s probably just as nervous, and if there’s one thing she doesn’t need, it’s a man she’s not comfortable with.

2. Being hypersensitive

Being sensitive can be a plus, but not every woman wants a man who can’t control his emotions. Of course, a woman likes it when she can talk about everything with you, but it is soon the end of the story if she notices that you are quickly taken aback.

3. Being stubborn

Being manly is fine, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take anything from someone else. In fact, in many cases, insecure men use their stubbornness as camouflage. The only thing you achieve with that is that your date will see you as undesirable.

4. Narcissistic behaviour

There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, but a narcissist does it exaggeratedly. It ensures that the other person has little room to be themselves, and in many cases, this is a real turnoff for women.

5. Lack of manners

Like it or not, a woman loves a man with manners. So if you go out to eat somewhere and the waiter slides the chair back, it is meant for her and not for you. If you show that you have been raised well, every woman will appreciate you a little more. In short, delve into what is desired, and the first points are already in.

6. Telling lies

If you want to impress, make sure she never catches you in a lie. As much as you want to impress a woman, a lie is not the best way to achieve it. Any lie is a turnoff, and a woman will have difficulty trusting you—an absolute turnoff.

7. Talking derogatory about women

Talking about your exes is not done. What’s even more deadly for your date, though, is making derogatory comments about women in general. A woman wants to feel appreciated, and it is not appropriate to put forward all kinds of stereotypes. In short, know when it is better to keep your mouth shut.

8. They don’t always want to hear your opinion

Having your own opinion is fine, but you have to count to ten before you open your mouth in many cases. Especially with controversial topics, it’s better to keep your head down for a while. After all, a date is not an invitation to a discussion. So be a lot more diplomatic and be open to her opinion, even if it differs significantly from what you would like to hear.

9. Jealousy

Every woman likes to know that you like her. That’s not to say that jealousy is a plus, it’s often a turnoff of the highest order. If you know that you can exhibit quite jealous behavior, ask yourself if you don’t have a great lack of self-confidence. After all, a woman is not your own, and so you should not claim her.

10. Ignorance

Gone are the days when a man had a standard higher education than a woman. That has consequences for dating. Apart from the standard features, a woman also wants you as a man to have a decent level of development. That doesn’t mean you have to know everything, but certain things are just standard. Good general development also helps you to have a good conversation.

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