5 signs you should not marry him

Entering into a relationship with a man, each of us dreams of love and a strong family. But life does not always happen the way you want. We are all imperfect.

There are things to which you can close your eyes and accept. For example, if a man is sloppy or forgets to give you flowers. You can still live with it. But some are dangerous to ignore.

Types of guys to avoid immediately

Continuing to build a relationship with him, you risk ruining your life.

Man that cheats on you

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Cheating can be treated in different ways. Some women forgive unfaithful husbands and continue to live with them. Still, the majority is strongly opposed to adultery. This is a real shock for them. Of course, a man caught hot will make excuses and apologize, saying that this does not mean anything to him, and he will no longer do that.

But it would help if you didn’t believe him. Having changed once and received forgiveness, the partner often goes to betrayal again, believing that he will be understood and forgiven again. Or he will begin to hide the fact of betrayal more carefully. Your self-esteem will suffer and fall lower and lower. In the end, this will not end with anything good.

He’s lying to you

Let’s be honest: petty lies slip through in all respects. Each of the partners can embellish the situation a little or throw dust in the eyes of the other. This is fine. Keep silent about what might upset you, or lie to look better in your eyes, too.

But if a man constantly dodges and tells a lie to relieve himself of responsibility, this is bad and should alert you. How can you trust and rely on him? He is unreliable, which means that sooner or later, he will greatly let you down.

The guy that raises his hand on you

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The topic of domestic violence is now on everyone’s lips and, unfortunately, is not unreasonable. Many women endure aggressive husbands for years who, at the slightest opportunity, teach them a lesson with their fists. The worst thing

is that they get used to such an attitude and consider it normal. Or that they themselves ran into, they deserve.

Remember: there is no single excuse for the actions of a tyrant husband. When faced with domestic violence, you need to leave immediately, even if there is nowhere, even if you have children in your arms. Especially if you have children who can also become a target for an abuser, continuing to live with him is simply dangerous. He will not change, no, but you will suffer even more.

He blames you

Few people know that domestic violence starts with psychological pressure. At first, he blames you for wearing skirts that are too short, then that you are wearing makeup. Then the accusations are connected that the dust is not wiped off regularly and that the dishes are in the sink until the morning.

You are constantly compared to other wives; they say they have perfect order, but you are a slob and generally do not know how to cook.

Gradually, such nagging will destroy your self-esteem, and the man will move on to the next stage. And you will have neither the strength nor the desire to make excuses and fight back. Having broken you psychologically will cost you nothing and hit you. Please don’t wait until it comes to this. You can recognize the aggressor even before he raises his hand against you.

He abuses alcohol or drugs

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Relaxing in the evening with a bottle of beer is one thing. But drunkenness on an ongoing basis should alert you.

You can do nothing about it because any addiction needs to be treated, but who will admit that he has a problem that needs to be solved? As a result, you will live in unhealthy relationships. It’s even worse if your children see it. Pulling an addict on yourself is not your cross and not your duty. Don’t ruin your life!

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