Why do unfaithful husbands return to their family

Did you know that about 30% of married men have a regular “secret life” on the side? At the same time, after their adventures, they still return home to their wife. They constantly deceive and betray them, but they still do not leave them.

Why is this happening?

One of the main reasons is that an affair on the side for men is just a small adventure that gives them a kind of “relaxation” and charges them with positive emotions. Moreover, spouses can have excellent relationships, and such adventures do not mean anything to him.

Relationship problems can also be one of the main causes of betrayal. In this case, the man does not leave because he still loves the woman, but the constant quarrels and scandals become simply unbearable for him. At first, the new woman brings him many happy moments and, after walking, he returns to his wife in a good mood.

His home is his fortress, and no one can change it. Caring for and creating comfort are the primary needs of any man. The wife usually does a great job with these functions. He is not ready to exchange this comfort for a single affair on the side. Over time, marriage does not bring him that passion and love. He is not ready to give up something forever; therefore, he goes to deception and betrayal.

Another reason is that men are not ready to take a responsible step. Even if he has strong feelings for a new girlfriend, he does not dare leave his wife and start a new life. Moreover, such men take care of their wives to never feel the pain of divorce and fear of being left with nothing. And no matter how bad their marriage is, they will never be able to confess to their wife about what they have done.

Some men feel a sense of responsibility for their families. And even if love was gone, no one cancelled family responsibilities. Children, common property, and much more do not allow them to ruin family relationships.

And there is a category of men who realize that their betrayal is a serious mistake. After realizing this, a feeling of guilt comes, but this still cannot make him tell his wife about his act. His actions towards his wife become romanticized, and he seems to fall in love with his wife again. Thus, he, as it were, makes amends.

It’s funny what reasons men do not try to justify their actions. And for many, it may seem that, in principle, their betrayal does not mean anything because they do not leave the woman alone. No matter how it is. Men indulge their pride in any way. The Secret Life is one of the most common.

Moreover, their selfishness makes it possible to believe that such behaviour is justified by nature and so “historically,” but the same actions on a woman are unacceptable and unforgivable.

It is sad to realize that we still live in a world of double standards and male bias in our permissiveness.

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