Applying while you work: 7 do’s and don’ts

Applying is sometimes a job in itself. But how do you handle it when you’re still working somewhere? How do you ensure that your application drive does not cause probelms at your current job?

Are you tired of your current job, or does the grass seem greener on the other side? Then it might be time for a new, professional challenge! To not screw up the atmosphere at your current job and your chances of success in the new job, it is best to approach it smartly and professionally.

These 7 do’s and don’ts will help you with this.

Don’t hang it on the big clock

Sometimes it is better to look for a new job in peace and quiet. For example, not everyone at work needs to be aware of your professional search and your planned job interviews.

Also, pay attention to which colleague you may confide in: a confidential conversation can sometimes spread surprisingly quickly. During your search, the last things you need are annoying questions and a bad atmosphere at your current job.

Don’t lie to your boss or colleagues

You don’t always have to explain yourself. Do you have a job interview during working hours? In that case, say at your current work that you have to leave a little earlier due to private circumstances or take a half-day leave. It is even better to schedule your (online) job interview just before or just after working hours.

Forbidden to gossip

Sometimes, it is tempting to open your heart about why you want to leave your current employer during the job interview.

However, it is best not to be tempted to gossip because this immediately gives a bad and unreliable impression. Rather try to express neutrally and maturely what is going wrong at your current job.

Send your resume with your private email address

Seems logical, but still … anyone who scrolls around on job sites and emails resumes during the lunch break at work can do this best with his private email address. Are you registered on a job site, and do you receive selected vacancies by email?

Then turn off your notifications so that you (and your colleagues) are not unnecessarily disturbed by the notification sound during working hours.

Also, try to look for work at home. Take enough time for this and plan a fixed “search evening” in your schedule if necessary.

Stick to your dress code

Do you have a job interview just before or just after your working day? Try not to exaggerate in the wardrobe, but be yourself and stick to your professional dress code.

There is no point in leaving for your appointment overdressed. Would you like to freshen up before you leave? Then take an extra outfit with you and change in the car.

Smartly customize your LinkedIn profile

More and more employers are using LinkedIn to find new employees. That is why your LinkedIn profile must be up to date. Ensure that you disable “sharing profile changes” with the default setting before updating your profile.

For example, your current employer will not receive a notification that you are looking for a new job.

Stay committed to your current employer

As difficult as it may be, try to remain professional and stay committed to your current job. Avoid a negative reference and continue to work with a positive and professional mindset. Once a professional, always a professional.

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