As if nun dress is not enough, Toyin Lawani poses in sexy hijab

Hours after posing as a Catholic nun in a naughty dress, Nigerian celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani has posed in a sexy hijab to provoke the Muslim community. This follows the designer’s nun-themed photos, followed by a series of negative reactions on social media from some Christians.

While some critics have said that she would not dare to try such a fashion trend with Islamic traditions, Toyin Lawani has taken action.

It seems the designer doesn’t care about the opinion of trolls as she poses comfortably in a hijab all over, showing off her thigh, while she promises to reveal more of her body parts in new photos. “I will do another one in an extremely revealing way,” says Toyin Lawani, in hijab.

As if nun dress is not enough, Toyin Lawani poses in sexy hijab
Toyin Lawani appears on Hijab

Sharing the photos, she wrote: “Ah, why are you screaming that I can’t dress like this, the Muslim way? I have and will make another more daring one and make sure it’s extremely revealing again for you tomorrow, so you know I’m not here for your criticism. The more you sing, the more I do to upset you.”

“There is one thing people need to realize about Tiannah, she is an artist and will do a lot of artistic things that not everyone will like every now and then. I’m not here to please you, no one is paying my bills. So you don’t count at all….”

“You don’t know who you’re dealing with, there’s nothing I haven’t done that I won’t do that I don’t like. I am a Christian and a Muslim. I love both because my parents both have different religions, but you should differentiate art from religion! They are not the same, a costume is a costume, religion is the heart and the spiritual, it is not the clothes,” she concludes.

Meanwhile, the former Nigeria aviation minister, Fani Kayode, has slashed her on Twitter, and he wrote that: “Disrespectful, tasteless, tactless, shameless, bestial, blasphemous, heretical, evil, disgusting, provocative, outrageous, anti-Christ and totally and completely unacceptable”.

Toyin Lawani is still provocative. The 39-year-old dressed this time in a very sexy hijab and continues to set the social networks on fire.
Toyin apears on Nun’s dress

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