Chickens conspire and kill a fox

If a fox kills hens and dries it, usually has little news value, this changes when the chicken kill a fox. And that is exactly what happened last week on the farm of an agricultural school in Pontivy (Brittany).

The cunning quadruped had entered the chicken coop through an automatic hatch door that closed immediately. The fox was so trapped and suddenly came face to face with no fewer than three thousand chickens.

“Chickens have a herd instinct and they attacked the fox with their pelvis,” said Pascal Daniel, director of the agricultural school in Pontivy. The lifeless fox was found the next day in a corner of the chicken coop.

Chickens conspire and kill a fox
©TVK – Illustration (FOX

“He had injuries on his neck,” Daniel explained. “Such a mass of hens can converge and the fox may have panicked,” says Daniel. The fox was five or six months old. “Chickens can be pretty strong if they perform in a group,” says Daniel.

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