Clash between two male giraffes competing for female [Video]

Two male giraffes have been filmed in a park in South Africa fighting each other. A battle that lasted for several minutes that takes place during the mating season.

Visitors to the Kruger National Park in South Africa filmed a confrontation between two male giraffes. In footage published on June 28 on the YouTube channel Kruger National Park Videos, the two large ruminant mammals clash by banging their necks together to knock the opponent down.

The video shows the two giraffes either dodging certain attacks or repelling their rival by nudging him with their rump. Then after a few minutes, the two males separate.

Conquer a female

According to the researchers, such fights are rare between giraffes. But during the mating season, when the males compete for the attention of the females, they engage in real merciless struggles.

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