Feeling alone: where it comes from and why it’s not so bad

Each person perceives loneliness in their own way. Some, for example, believe that it is a tool for productive work and helps a person maintain youth and beauty.

However, scientists are confident that lonely people have to deal with insomnia and poor brain function. Usually, those who live alone eat more junk food and run the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The reasons for loneliness

Why do we feel this feeling? The most common reasons are:

Loneliness from the point of view of science

Most of us cannot answer the question of why we feel lonely at one time or another. But scientists from Amsterdam and Chicago conducted a whole series of studies; as a result, they found out that man learned to experience this feeling in the process of evolution. It turns out that it promotes survival! Since people were uncomfortable being alone, they began to look for a mate and, of course, continue the race.

Scientists have made another unusual discovery! If your ancestors are prone to suffering from loneliness, then you, most likely, are often in this state.

In the conditions of self-isolation, which we all faced recently, it suddenly became clear that as long as people have WiFi, it is much easier to fight it. Whatever one may say, online friendships, playing sports online, and even online dating have become a daily part of our life.

Why isn’t feeling lonely a bad thing?

It is worth remembering that each person reacts differently to a particular situation. Some people are comfortable alone and don’t like being in the middle of the noisy company. It was not for nothing that backs in 1921; Carl Gustav Jung began to divide people into “extroverts” and “introverts.”

If the first category likes to be in society, then the second does not need a company and strives to escape from the crowd and unnecessary conversations quickly.

And if you’re comfortable with yourself, that’s not bad at all! Do you like loneliness? Then enjoy it and don’t listen to anyone!

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