How do you resign yourself?

Submitting your resignation is a significant decision that you often do not take lightly. It may be that you are ready for a new challenge or want to take a completely different path. With our tips, you can leave your old employer with your head held high and start a new chapter in your life.

Resignation, how do you do that? Submitting your resignation yourself takes a lot of courage, and you may have thought it through carefully. Do not leave with doors slamming; after all, you never know whether you will meet or need your ex-boss later in your career. Prepare well for your resignation. We already give some tips.

Don’t make your decision lightly

When you decide to hand in your resignation, it is best not to take it overnight. Ask yourself some critical questions. Is there no other solution? Maybe you need a holiday to relax? If there is an apparent reason why you are thinking about submitting your resignation, talk about it with your boss or colleagues.

Also, think about the impact on your career if you leave. If, after all that consideration, you’re still convinced that you should resign, then it’s probably the right decision.

Notify your employer

Once your decision has been made, inform your boss yourself. To avoid stress, prepare yourself well. Know that you are not required to give a reason

for your resignation. At the same time, it is essential not to leave the ship on a bad note.

If you leave in a friendly manner, you may be able to ask your ex-employer as a reference on your following job interview. If you have to respect a notice period, stay just as motivated as before. Also, do not forget to give your resignation in writing via your letter of resignation.

Make it official

Your resignation is only legally valid from the moment you hand over your resignation letter. That letter of resignation does not have to be long: a few lines with the message that you are resigning and the date on which are sufficient. It is also essential to state the exact start and end date of your notice period. Sign it and deliver it to your (ex-)boss.

There are three options for submitting your resignation letter:

  • You hand it over personally. Your notice period then starts immediately.
  • You send it by registered mail. Your notice period only starts three days after receipt.
  • You send a bailiff’s writ. That way, your notice period also starts running immediately.

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