How to improve concentration and focus: 5 effective ways

Many people find it hard to focus on just one thing, even if it’s incredibly important, and it’s very disruptive while working or studying. To get distracted less often by time-consuming extraneous activities, you need to improve your concentration.

Here are some simple and enjoyable but effective ways to do this.

How to improve concentration and focus

1. Exercise

Simple exercises: exercise, stretching or yoga, are some of the best ways to improve concentration quickly, cheer up and improve brain function.

Experts recommend starting the day with moderate exercise and paying attention to it during breaks at work.

This will help reduce the damage from the sedentary lifestyle that most people lead, as well as allow you to focus better on important tasks.

2. Music

Many people believe that music can only be a distraction, but that’s not entirely true. Not all music negatively affects concentration and keeps you from quietly doing things.

For example, researchers from Stanford University (USA) found that classical music helps the brain absorb and interpret new information more easily and increases our ability to concentrate on a single activity.

3. Resting in nature

Outdoor recreation is another delightful and effective way to improve concentration. Even an ordinary walk in the park or by the lake can significantly improve brain function and well-being.

So if you notice that you can’t concentrate at all on work, leave the business for a while and go to the nearest square, park, forest, pond or any other place where you can be alone with nature.

Spend 15-20 minutes there, and then go back to work: you will notice immediately that you are much less distracted by extraneous activities than before.

4. Sleep

The easiest way to improve concentration is a good old-fashioned nap. If you have distracted attention, you can hardly cope even with the simplest tasks and suffer from headaches, try to sleep for 30-45 minutes (of course, if you can), but not longer; otherwise, you will disrupt your usual sleep rest routine.

A short break for sleep will help to improve cognitive functions: attention, memory, ability to assimilate new information, etc. Also, don’t forget that it is important to get an average of 7-8 hours of sleep each night for continued good health and brain health.

5. Abrupt change of activities

At some times, the only thing that can do anything to improve concentration is a sudden change of activity.

Sometimes our brain gets so tired from the routine that it just needs a reset. Such a reset can be: reading a book, working in a new place like a cafe, solving a puzzle, playing a video game, etc.

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