Man died after dangling for hours upside down at a 90m high chimney

The man, who hung for hours in Carlisle, in the north-west of England, upside down on a nearly 90-meter high chimney of a former factory, is dead. The local police have confirmed this. It is still unclear how the man ended up in his plight.

It is suspected that the daredevil climbed into the Dixons Chimney last night. Media in the UK report that residents heard the man scream and then called the police. The emergency services rushed around half past two to the scene of the disaster.

Upside down

Video footage shows how the man, apparently on his clothing, hangs at the top of the stone colossus. His legs are in the air. The emergency services tried for hours to safely bring him back to the ground floor. Unfortunately, a rescue attempt using a helicopter failed, Sky News reports. A crane was also set up to help with the rescue. The roads in the area are closed.

“Because of his precarious position, it has not yet been possible to save the man,” said Matt Kennerley of Cumbria County Police to the British BBC broadcaster. “We are now trying to reach the man from below.”

Very complex

A spokesman for the fire department from the Cumbria region said the rescue was a “very complex and difficult process.” Drones were used to get a good overview of the situation.

Man died after dangling for hours upside down at a 90m high chimney
There the man dangles at the top of the chimney

A team of volunteers, specialized in rescue at great heights, assisted with the operation. “I can assure you that the emergency services are doing everything in their power to solve this problem for everyone safely,” the fire brigade said. “The protection of life is our first priority.”

No more reaction

Initially, the man responded to the questions from the rescue workers, but the fire brigade reported afterwards that he said no more and did not move. It is not clear how he ended up in his awkward position.

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