Say these 5 things to a woman, and she will get buckling knees

Many men have trouble impressing a woman. They don’t know how to keep a conversation going and don’t know what to say at all. This makes it difficult for them to bond with someone.

However, with these good compliments, you should be fine. Today we look at 5 things you can say to a woman to give her nodding knees.

That she’s unlike any woman you’ve ever met

Every woman wants to be different from the woman a man has been in his past. Not just different, but natural.

By telling them that they are different from your previous girlfriends, she will certainly feel good, and this is highly recommended. Just be careful not to get too cliche. Only say this if you mean it, or she won’t believe you.

That she is an intelligent woman

Which woman doesn’t want to be intelligent? Of course, you can often say how good a woman looks, but in the end, it’s all about what’s inside. Let her know

that this is all right with her.

That you find her sexy

Women also find it important to be considered sexy. So let her know often enough, but not too often, that you find her attractive. It is wonderful to feel wanted.

That you are proud of her

Like men, women achieve many successes in their lives. But what is a success without being able to celebrate it with your loved ones? Nothing. Let her know that you are proud of her.

That she is good with your friends and your family

Women naturally want to fit in well within your family or group of friends, and they love it when you let them know that they fit well. Be sure to do this!

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