Singles are increasingly finding their way to dating apps: top 5 most popular

Dating apps come in all shapes and sizes. There is good news for those who are not looking for the love of their life but are looking for one-off adventures.

There are a number of new, no-obligation apps that make casual s3x as easy as ordering a pizza. In a manner of speaking, of course. Want to go wild with no strings attached? We give an overview.

5 Best dating apps for relationships


The app was first called Yumi but then appropriately renamed Kasual. And as the title suggests, this (free) app specifically targets people who are looking for pure s3x. The platform, which already has about 5 million users, says it does not collect any personal information to respect its users’ privacy. All Kasual needs is your location and interests so that the smart app can match you with other locals. When someone likes you, you can turn over a card. You match if the other person does the same, and the fun can begin.


Sniffies is a meetup app exclusively for gay, bisexual and bi-curious men. The homepage looks like a map and shows via torsos which men nearby are also using the app. This map also gives you an overview of the collecting spots or ‘cruising spots’: the places where a user walks or drives in search of a sexual partner.

“Cruising is happening everywhere,” said chief marketing officer Eli Martin. “Sniffies is trying to amplify that culture through technology.” You can register anonymously or with your own identity. Because the app does what most platforms don’t do: offer s3x without batting an eyelid.


The HUD app is a dating app with over 10 million users worldwide. You can find new friends, dates or just a casual adventure. Instead of swiping endlessly, this platform also shows a map with all possible nearby matches.

The app also has another asset: The Bedroom. Users can then indicate their preferences between the sheets, so that your match immediately knows what you do not like or really like.


Blendr is a dating app with a little more depth than Tinder. The app has the ‘Match game’ function, where you can assess profiles that Blendr has selected for you based on your interests, age, … But you can also search for your potential match yourself by filtering on ‘Members in the neighbourhood’. Then you get a list of the users in a certain radius around you.

The match principle is the same as with Tinder. Do you both swipe right? Then there is a mutual interest. The handy thing about this app is that you can also see who has visited your profile and when your conversation partner has read your message. Smart, right?


Pure is an international dating app where you are and remain completely anonymous — perfect for a no-strings-attached adventure. You just have to indicate your gender and location and what exactly you are looking for.

On the basis of a nice quote or statement on your profile, you can lift a corner of the veil. When you match with someone, you can chat with that person for up to an hour. Don’t worry: you don’t have to meet up with a complete stranger. Once matched, you can share photos with each other from your personal album on the app in the chat.

Due to the private nature of Pure, the users are very open about their fantasies and desires, which is a big advantage. The name of the game, in this case, is again pure casual s3x.

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