Start saving more right away: 7 things you can do today

Would you like to save a little more? Then start today. And no, not tomorrow, Monday or when your salary is paid again. Today. Immediately turn these tips into concrete actions, and your future self will thank you.

Make the time to tackle these seven things, and you’ll start saving more right away.

If you follow these seven tips, you can count yourself richer today.

Ask for a salary increase

Somehow we never think about making more money to save more, but always about spending less. We are fans of the best of both worlds: of course, there is nothing wrong with spending less money on things that don’t make you happy, but we also don’t want to go through life.

Instead of making extreme savings, you can save where you can and earn more. One way to do this is to ask for a raise. Yes, we know it’s exciting. To request an interview right away today so that you don’t remain in doubt forever about how and when you can best ask for that salary increase.

Note: if you don’t perform well, you probably won’t get your way. You do need a reason for that salary increase, which you can provide during the interview!

Start a side hustle to save more

Another thing that can bring you extra money, but you might keep putting it off in front of you. Don’t start that side hustle tomorrow or next week, but today whether it’s approaching your network for a freelance job or selling your art.

View your subscriptions

Research showed that people often have ten to fifteen subscriptions but that they often underestimate this. So take the time today to check how many you have. And more importantly, which ones you can cancel.

Open a savings account at another bank

Open a savings account with another bank today and deposit money into it right away. Yes, even if you can create as many piggy banks as you want at your current bank. When you choose another bank, you can firstly research where you get the most interest on savings.

Now that won’t make a world of a difference these days, but it’s still a good idea. Be honest: how often do you deposit some money back into your regular account? The threshold to withdraw something from your savings account is a lot higher than with another bank.

You can even take it to the next level by opening a deposit savings account right away. Here you lock your money for a certain period. This means that you have to make do with the money you won’t need soon and that you won’t just get it—another advantage: the interest on savings is often higher.

Start filling your pantry and freezer

Today you can search all the brochures of the supermarkets in your area and see which products are on sale that you often use. Note: only write it on your shopping list if you buy the offer more often. We don’t want these products to be in your pantry after years.

Then you get on your bike or in the car and get all the relevant offers. The goal here is a well-stocked pantry and freezer. At first, it may cost you money, but you will see that you have saved this quickly.

The next time you go shopping, do your shopping at home first. Bet you are cheap on your actual trip to the supermarket? A few pizzas and snacks in the freezer will also help prevent ordering food when you don’t feel like cooking.

Set up an automatic savings order

Have you not yet set up an automatic transfer to your savings account? Then do that right now. Do you always get your paycheck on the 24th? Then set an assignment for the 25th. From now on, money is automatically saved every month without you putting in the effort and without ‘knowing it.’

View your fixed costs to save more

In addition to your subscriptions, there are many other fixed expenses that you can take a closer look at. You probably know this too, but you don’t feel like it, and that’s why you put it off in front of you. Not anymore.

See if you can switch to a cheaper variant for insurance, your energy bill, and your telephone subscription, or call the company ‘that you are planning to leave.’ Bet they can suddenly offer you a discount?

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