The logical reason that men can tolerate alcohol better than women

It is often said that men can tolerate alcohol better than women. But why actually? It’s actually all quite logical, and it’s not just about the common length difference.

Why are women less able to tolerate alcohol than men?

There are several physical reasons why men are more resistant to alcohol than women. A woman notices the effects of alcohol faster and stronger than a man. Women are often smaller than men and thus have a lower blood volume. Women have less water in their bodies than men. A man’s body can dilute more alcohol than a woman’s so that the effect of alcohol hits women harder than men.

But what if a man and a woman are the same weight and height? Women have relatively more body fat than men of the same weight. Alcohol cannot be dissolved in fat, so the concentration of alcohol in a woman’s body is higher. Women have less alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) than men, and this enzyme in the liver and stomach breaks down alcohol. So because the alcohol in a woman’s body doesn’t break down as efficiently, more alcohol gets into their bloodstream.

Drinking is more dangerous for women than men

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, women are more likely than men to be under the influence of alcohol and more likely to have alcohol-induced blackouts. Due to alcohol use, memory impairment, cirrhosis, and nerve and heart damage are also more commonly found in women.

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