These African footballers collapsed on the pitch and died

Several African footballers have collapsed and died in the hospital or died while playing football in the past few years.

It doesn’t stop on Algerian Hocine Benmiloudi, who died on 5 November 1981, or Samuel Okwaraji, who died on 12 August 1989. Cheick Tiote, who collapsed and died in his club during a training session, recently the Egyptian Abdul Rahman Atef who died on 8 March 2012, after swallowing his tongue while playing a league match against El Rowad.

Many African footballers’ untimely death was a shock to millions of fans worldwide and has left many people questioning the overall safety and health of African soccer players.

These African players collapsed on the pitch and died
Cheick Tiote collapsed and died during training

There is no official record of African players who died playing football. Instead, we used a list from many sources, including Wikipedia, because, although not ideal, some are the most comprehensive sources we can find.

The list centered on the players who have died playing the game, i.e., in training or during a match. Nigeria has the highest number so far, with 15 players who have lost their lives.

The list of African footballers collapsed and died

  1. Hocine Benmiloudi, Aged 26, (Algeria)
  2. Samuel Okwaraji, Aged 24, (Nigeria)
  3. Mukandi Tsimaya, Aged 28, (DRC)
  4. Amir Angwe, Aged 29, (Nigeria)
  5. Hedi Berkhissa, Aged 24, (Tunisia)
  6. John Ikoroma, Aged 17, (Nigeria)
  7. Bobsam Elejiko, Aged 30, (Nigeria)
  8. Hédi Berkhissa, Aged 24, (Tunisia)
  9. Endurance Idahor, Aged 25, (Nigeria)
  10. Joshua Pepple, Aged 24, (Nigeria)
  11. Chinonso Ihelwere Henry, Aged 21, (Nigeria)
  12. Hocine Gacemi, Aged 24, (Algeria)
  13. Emmanuel Ogoli, Aged 21, (Nigeria)
  14. Victor Omogbehin, Aged 22, (Nigeria)
  15. Wilson Mene, Aged 22, (Nigeria)
  16. Sékou Camara, Aged 27, (Mali)
  17. Yannick Dago, Aged 17, (Cameroon)
  18. Marc-Vivien Foé, Aged 28, (Cameroon)
  19. Lokissimbaye Loko, Aged 30, (Chad)
  20. Mohamed Abdelwahab, Aged 23, (Egypt)
  21. Jaouad Akaddar, Aged 28, (Morocco)
  22. Chaswe Nsofwa, Aged 28, (Zambia)
  23. Guy Tchingoma, Aged 22, (Gabon)
  24. Orobosan Adun, Aged 28, (Nigeria)
  25. Sekou Camara, Aged 27, (Mali)
  26. Jeanine Christelle Djomnang, Aged 26, (Cameroon)
  27. Shetemi Ayetigbo, Aged 16, (Nigeria)
  28. David Oniya, Aged 30, (Nigeria)
  29. Kodjo Etonam Adjassou, Aged 24, (Togo)
  30. Bartholomew Opoku, Aged 19, (Ghana)
  31. Benjamin Owusu, Aged 21, (Ghana)
  32. Mohamed Lemine Ould M’Boye, Aged 31 (Mauritania)
  33. Ambrose Wleh, Aged 24, (Liberia)
  34. Moïse Brou Apanga, Aged 35, (Gabon)
  35. Patrick Ekeng, Aged 26, (Cameroon)
  36. Albert Ebossé Bodjongo, Aged 24, (Cameroon)
  37. Gofaone Tiro, Aged 26, (Botswana)
  38. Michael Umanika, Aged 20, (Nigeria)
  39. Ben Idrissa Dermé, Aged 34, (Burkina Faso)
  40. Cheick Tiote, Aged 30, (Ivory Coast)
  41. Luyanda Ntshangase, Aged 21, (South Africa)
  42. Aseged Tesfaye, Aged 46, (Ethiopia)
  43. Faty Papy, Aged 28, (Burundi)
  44. Chineme Martins, Aged 22, (Nigeria)
  45. Abdul Rahman Atef, Aged 23, (Egypt)

May their souls Rest In Peace

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