Tips with which you can enjoy your car longer

Like many other people, you are probably not looking forward to buying a different car every three years. If you want to save money, it can be worth enjoying your vehicle for as long as possible. You don’t have to do much to keep driving your car for longer without unnecessary costs.

Do you have a garage? Then use it for your car

The garage is no longer the place to park your car but rather a luxury storage room for many. Leaving your car outside increases the risk of rust. You guessed it; a rust bucket doesn’t last very long. You don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your car. So put it in!

Clean oil is a must

Use clean oil! It extends not only the life of the gearbox but also that of the engine and differential. The only exception is the classic car. Synthetic oils can be too thin for such cars.

At full throttle

If you have a diesel, you also have a particulate filter. To ensure that the filter does not become clogged, it is wise to make many revolutions regularly. This also applies to petrol engines.

They do not have a particulate filter, but you prevent annoying deposits on your engine by driving at high speed.

Fill your tank on time

Running your tank (almost) empty is not very smart. If you do, you increase the risk of damage to the engine. This is because there is always residue present at the bottom of the tank. Wanting to drive for too long ends up in your engine, and the consequences can be guessed. It certainly can’t hurt to be a little less stingy.

Avoid the bad roads as much as possible

It’s like kicking in an open door, but many drivers often opt for a shortcut to get to their destination faster. These types of routes often go over country roads, and they are not the best-maintained roads.

If you do that often, you will quickly become a regular customer at your dealer. The chances are that you will have to have many things repaired. Just think of worn shock absorbers, bent rims, and damaged tires.

Turn off the air conditioning? Do not

You may have been told that it is bad to keep your air conditioning on. Wrong! The fuel consumption is not increased, at least not if you have a fairly young car.

By turning off the air conditioning, you cause even more damage to the seal and other components. Regular use of your air conditioning is, therefore, an absolute must.

Warming up is okay

It used to be a good practice to let the engine warm-up for a while before driving it. Today this is seen as antisocial. However, there is much to be said for doing it. The reason: the wear when driving off with a cold engine is great.

So it doesn’t hurt to warm up a bit. If you do drive away with a cold engine, change gears on time. For a petrol engine, this is already at 2500 rpm, for a diesel engine 2000 rpm.

Starting the engine correctly

Start the engine in neutral and not when the car is already in gear, and you keep the clutch depressed. If you do, you put an unnecessary burden on the engine with the risk of damage to the engine.

You don’t brake with the engine brake

You only brake on the engine if there is no other option. Try to avoid it if you want to enjoy the lagers for a long time. If you have too much money, we have not said anything, and you can have certain components of your gearbox replaced every so often.

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