Weird: Axel Rosales, who has 280 piercings on his face

Axel Rosales has not less than 280 piercings on his face and wants to break his own record.

The Guinness World Records Book – an annual publication of notable world records – has released new photos of Axel Rosales: a young Argentinian who has at least 280 piercings in his face. The man plans to break his own record with even more body decorations in his face.

Rosales was first mentioned in the Guinness World Records Book in 2012. When the organization went to check him in that year, the man had something less than the round number 280 piercings in his face. Then he decided, under the watchful eye of inspectors, to add a few more. In the meantime, he would have more than three hundred steel and plastic piercings in his face. The record book wants to check it out soon for a new count.

Weird: Axel Rosales, who has 280 piercings in his face

The current photos of Axel Rosales’ face have caused a deluge of reactions. Some find the extreme abundance of piercings beautiful, but the majority judges less positive on social media. “Horrible,” someone notes. Another: “How on earth does this man wash his face?” Or, “A clear case of deliberate body mutilation.”


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