What are body modifications other than piercings and tattoos?

Body modifications such as scarring, implants or tunnels are surrounded by the wildest stereotypes and misconceptions.

It is believed that:

  • you cannot get a normal job with them;
  • it is dangerous;
  • it hurts unbearably;
  • it’s forever.

Most of the modifications, also called body modifications or body mods, are safe and reversible, provided you have a top-class piercer working on your body.


What are body modifications other than piercings and tattoos?

It can be installed in ears, nose, lips and even cheeks. If you want to get a body mod as quickly as possible, a specialist carefully cuts a hole of the desired diameter with a scalpel.

The second way is longer. A wide shackle is inserted into a regular-sized puncture to create tension. Once every 3-4 weeks, the earring changes to a slightly wider one. If you want to remove the tunnel after a while, the professional will carefully sew up the hole, and you can only notice the scar with very close examination.


What are body modifications other than piercings and tattoos?
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Implants are foreign objects that are surgically inserted under the skin and reshape the body. With the help of implants, you can, for example, get horns or make your finger magnetic. There are two types of implants:

subdermal – entirely covered by the skin;
transdermal – have a pin above the skin, allowing you to attach replaceable wraps.

If you want to remove the implant, you need to see a specialist in aesthetic surgery. He will operate so that the scar at the site of the implant is as invisible as possible.

Slit tongue (split)

What are body modifications other than piercings and tattoos?

With this modification, the tip of the tongue is cut so that a person can move both halves. The bridle is usually cut to give both sides the same mobility. This modification is least noticeable to others. If you do not want to show it in a certain circle of people – at school, at work, at a party – no one will know about it.

If the setting is correct, you can safely demonstrate the snake tongue. Few people want to remove this body mod, but it will be possible to sew the halves if such a desire arises. A side effect is a slight loss of sensitivity and mobility.


What are body modifications other than piercings and tattoos?

This is a mini-version of transdermal implants, consisting of a subcutaneous anchor and replaceable wrapping, but in smaller sizes. With the help of microdermal, you can decorate almost any part of the body – clavicle, chest, lower back.

The period of wearing these body mods is very individual and depends on the characteristics of the body and lifestyle. If the wrap constantly touches clothes or hair, the product may start to come out. Poor hygiene of the wrapped area has the same effect. If the micro dermal comes out, you can re-install the body mod on the same area after the wound has healed.


What are body modifications other than piercings and tattoos?
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This type of body modification is based on the ability of our skin to form scars after trauma. Sometimes unique pigments are additionally used to make the scar coloured.

Scarification can be done in the following ways:

  • Moxibustion is a quick method; scars are not formed clearly; they can blur.
  • Chemical burn.
  • Removing a layer of skin with a scalpel is a long but reliable way to get neat scars of the desired shape.
  • A complex surgical procedure will be required to remove scarring, so a body mod must be considered exceedingly carefully.

Elven ears

What are body modifications other than piercings and tattoos?

Body modification consists of the surgical formation of the sharp tip of the auricle. The cut cartilage is sutured with suture material; after healing, the ear remains pointed. If self-absorbable sutures have been used, the ear may return to its original shape after a few months.

To postpone this moment, it is recommended to make a fold with a margin or combine temporary seams with permanent ones.

Myths and truth about body modifications

Myth 1: you will never be hired for a normal job.Truth: Your attractiveness as an employee depends on your professional and human qualities and not on the presence or absence of modifications on the body.
Myth 2: it hurts, heals for a long time, it will rot. Truth: piercers have a wide range of anesthetics at their disposal. Healing time depends on the professionalism of the piercer and on how accurately you follow his recommendations for caring for the body mod.

Myth 3: this can be safely done in any tattoo shop that offers such services. Truth: body mods should be performed only by a highly qualified specialist who owns all modern technologies, strictly observing disinfection rules.

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