What are high human vibrations?

Scientists have long proven that we are all made up of vibrating particles – pulsating energies. Our physical body, which seems so dense, in fact, vibrating at a certain energy frequency, is clearly visible with the help of super-powerful microscopes. A healthy body vibrates at a higher frequency than a sick one. When a person gets sick, part of him begins to vibrate at lower frequencies.

What are high human vibrations?

For the body to heal, we need first to raise the level of vibrations at first in the sore spot, and secondly, to raise the level of vibrations throughout the body.

What are the energies of low vibrations and energies of high vibrations?

Every day we use this or that frequency of energy. We do not need to measure it in any way, and there are elementary criteria by which you can yourself determine which energies dominate in your life at the moment.

High vibration energy criteria (health and wellness):

  • bright thoughts;
  • joy;
  • mood for the positive;
  • You start out of unconditional love for everything;
  • You proceed from abundance in relation to different areas of your life;
  • You are in the mood for luck.

Criteria for the energy of low vibrations (disease):

  • negative emotions: anger, fear, anger, regret;
  • a vision of the dark, bad side in everything, a pessimistic attitude;
  • You base your decisions on fear or other negative feelings and emotions;
  • You are starting from a lack in relation to different areas of your life;
  • You expect failure all the time.

Suppose you are tuned mainly to the energies of low vibrations. In that case, they will also not slow down to manifest in your life and bring in more of the same energies – if you are afraid of failure, wait – it is already on the threshold, you are afraid that the salary will be cut – wait, this is also not far off.

Why is this happening? The thing is that the waves of our vibrations, emitted into space, form a response resonance, which manifests itself in the form of the physical reality of objects and events.

What to do if you understand that at the moment, you are tuned to the energies of low vibrations, whereas for success in life and health in general, you need to be tuned in to higher vibrations? How to readjust to another, higher vibrational wave?

This is much easier to do than many people who are deeply rooted in low vibrations think. This can be done instantly because the energy is constantly being rebuilt, re-tuned, and you can tune it to the wave you need, the vibration frequency.

The easiest way to raise your vibration frequency is with positive thoughts. Thoughts in general almost completely form not only the events of our life but in general – our state, both physical and spiritual. Suppose you are positive and think positive, your vibration frequency increases. Then you can use your feelings: do not follow the lead of your emotions by default, but choose those emotions and feelings that will increase the frequency of your vibrations. After all, you yourself choose every event in your life!

You can raise the frequency of vibrations through special energy practices. All practices are tuned to increase a person’s frequency range, be it yoga, qigong, or something else. Everything is very simple, while the positive effect spreads in direct proportion to your vibrations, the vibrations of the space around you become purer, the torsion fields, the energy of money are easier and easier to enter into your life.

A person is responsible for the energy that he projects into the world
A person is responsible for the energy that he projects into the world

A person is responsible for the energy that he projects into the world and into his own state. That is, the vibrations of his thoughts, emotions, moods, and actions are reflected both in the quality of his own life and in everything that surrounds him. In our time, the energy vibrations of a person are becoming more and more important.

People are increasingly divided into two groups: those who serve themselves and those who serve others – people with positive energy and those who are not. Watching television should be avoided now more than before, as it is one of the largest mind control and negative energy propaganda mechanisms on this planet. Television advertising is entirely based on the ever-emerging need for the latest technical innovation, while simultaneously informing the public about its controlled wear and tear (that all things, decaying faster than before, create the need for a “newer” version of the same thing).

Television “programs” are just that – they program our minds. Reality shows are completely far from reality, but people think they are more real than fiction, when in fact, most of these programs are created to shock us, which is a vibration of negative energy. Each information program is aimed at lowering our energy.

For many centuries, the main secret has been that fears not only drain a person’s positive energy but allow them to be under the control of those who impose them.

If you look at the research in the field of cymatics, you can clearly see how sound (which is vibration) affects the energy vibration of a person – this is one of the reasons why monks chant mantras.

Low energy vibrations can govern our lives.
Low energy vibrations can govern our lives

Low energy vibrations can govern our lives.

There are many affordable and easy ways to raise your energy vibrations. Here is some of them:

  • Meditate – Many say they don’t have time to meditate but take time to watch TV.
  • Get out into nature – just for a walk or to plant a garden or flower garden!
  • Stop watching TV and just do something that fills you with positive energy in return.
  • Play with your pets – our pets teach us a lesson in unconditional love that always raises our vibrations.
  • Watch the children play – try to remember the charm of the first sensation and childhood innocence.
  • Exercise, and then go for a walk in nature, it will immediately bring you a double benefit!
  • Forgive yourself and others – none of us is perfect; some have hurt us, and those who we have hurt. Forgive them, but remember to forgive yourself too.
  • Express gratitude – Be grateful for the beauty around you, even if it’s a small tree in the middle of a big city. Be grateful for the food you are about to eat and for everything else that has blessedly entered your life, including something negative that has turned out to be a wonderful life lesson that has expanded your spiritual growth.
  • Come face to face with your fears and see them as an opportunity for spiritual development – fear of something always brings out negative emotions. There are reasons why these fears keep coming into our lives. As soon as we come face to face with some kind of fear, it disappears, as this was another of the lessons of our life.
  • Eat natural foods, this alone will increase your physical energy, which, in turn, will increase your spiritual vibrations, especially if you bless or express gratitude before eating it.
  • Do what makes you laugh, or be with people who make you laugh – laughter is a very high vibrational energy, even if we laugh at ourselves!
  • Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for help and direction – your spirit guides and guardian angels look forward to your call for help, so ask them for guidance, help, protection, and direction every day!

And always remember: you are perfect exactly as you are. And it doesn’t matter if you are overweight, some kind of injury, or anything else that society considers to be a deviation from the norm.

you are perfect exactly as you are
you are perfect exactly as you are

You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are! Also, keep in mind the nature of your thinking. Remember that only a tiny percentage of the population is trying to become more consistent in their thought process, which, in turn, can change everything and bring about changes leading to the evolution of mankind.

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