Why do I keep making the same mistakes

You try to correct your mistakes, and you are confident you will never repeat the same mistakes again. On the other hand, the truth turns out to be more unpredictable. And when some time has passed, you are again confronted with the same challenges, resulting in the same punctures as before. Sometimes it’s just a confluence of events, but most of the time, you can’t break out of a vicious cycle no matter what you try.

We have compiled a list of several reasons why you are making the same mistakes. Only by realizing why you find yourself in the same circumstances will you get the opportunity to reconsider your habitual patterns of behaviour.

8 reasons why do you keep making the same mistakes

1. You only pay attention to the things that you wish to see

You restrict your choice to include those possibilities that appeal to you immediately and fulfill all your requirements. You choose to dismiss any new knowledge that comes your way or any new options that present themselves for you to improve the situation, although both of these things could help. You are not open to hearing new ideas, do not want to change your view, and do not want to listen to what the people around you say.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to maintain your position, even when it seems that every piece of evidence leans in the opposite direction. However, you must be aware of the risks associated with this. You won’t stop making the same mistakes until you get enough courage to acknowledge when you’re in the wrong and accept responsibility for it. Sometimes, giving in to the unforgiving reality and abandoning your values and ideas is necessary.

2. You don’t want to leave your comfort zone

You are prone to making the same mistakes, but you are already well acquainted with them by this point. Because you are familiar with the entire process of action, you are not taken aback when you find yourself in unfavourable circumstances because you know what to anticipate. You can find comfort in highly unpleasant circumstances.

You are going to have to start acting differently and adopt new decision-making strategies if you want to finally find a solution to the issue and put an end to repeating the same mistakes. You won’t be able to change the typical flow of events through any other method.

3. You do not learn from your past mistakes

In the process of fixing mistakes, you keep doing what you were doing before in the hope that the result will be different. This situation is a recipe for failure, and until you figure out how to make different choices, you will keep running into the same issues. Increase the scope of your perspective on the world around you; evaluate your actions; formulate a plan of action, and make the most of the chances that present themselves to you. Increase your level of activity and confidence; these factors will directly determine whether you will fail again or succeed.

4. You take excessive risks

It is a mistake to always remain in the same environment because it is safe, but taking unnecessary risks is also not a very good idea. You must always be aware of the circumstances in which taking a risk is truly warranted and those in which it may be avoided. Always keep in mind that everything you do, say, or decide will have some effect on the world around you. And if you are aware that the outcomes are likely to be undesirable, you should consider seriously whether or not it is worthwhile.

5. You’re exaggerating things way too much

You should not take any difficulty to heart as much as you do. Most of the challenges you confront may be overcome rapidly and with little effort. But if you imagine that every mistake you make will have disastrous consequences, if you suffer from extreme anxiety and tension, and if you keep getting into difficulty, you may put off making decisions. You may quickly place a cross on yourself and your future, letting go of the circumstance and releasing yourself from whatever responsibility you may have had about it. In general, engaging in excessive drama does nothing but impede you from finding solutions to problems and keeps you stuck in the same situations over and over again.

6. You can’t put yourself in another person’s shoes

When it comes to interpersonal interactions, the fact that many issues develop indicates that one of the two people involved lacks empathy. It’s possible that you’re not a patient and sympathetic person, and if that’s the case, your communication skills will suffer. Suppose you continually repeat the same mistakes, such as insulting people, hurting them, or ignoring their needs and desires. In that case, you should learn to look at the situation from a different point of view to improve your behaviour.

Begin imagining what it would be like to be your opponent or interlocutor. When listening to a person or assessing his behaviour, it is essential to consider the individual’s past experiences (both positive and negative), the environment in which he was raised, and his views and values. It is necessary, at times, to set aside your pride and make an effort to understand the person with whom you are conversing rather than insisting on proving your point.

7. You pay attention to others rather than yourself

You will continue to repeat the same mistakes repeatedly unless you learn to listen to yourself rather than the advice of others. When it comes to making certain decisions, those closest to you may put pressure on you by referring to their own experience and age or providing an example from their own lives of how they managed a situation comparable to the one you are facing. But you can’t allow them to steer you in a different direction.

No matter your challenges, you will always have everything at your disposal to overcome them. You can obtain the necessary information, become proficient in the abilities, and seek assistance from a professional person who will approach the elimination of problems. You are the only person who will know exactly what to do in a given situation better than anyone else.

8. You leave your problems unsolved

Until you have resolved the issue in its entirety on your own, you will be unable to put a stop to any situation. Your tendency to brush off problems or give up on something you’ve been working on in the middle negatively impacts how things are going for you.

When you put off finding a solution to a problem, the likelihood that you will have to deal with unfavourable consequences exceeds one hundred percent. It is highly improbable that the issues will be resolved on their own or that someone else will improve your life without your involvement in the process. After some time has passed, you will eventually feel for yourself once more everything that you have previously experienced at least once. It may appear that you have made the same mistake as before, but it will be the result of your previous failure.

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