Why do we cry when we are sad? Here are the reasons

The exchange of emotions is a normal process of human nature. From happiness to anger and sadness, emotions are how the mind responds to life events and is perfectly healthy. Even anger has its place, and while many people show not-so-appropriate outrage, there are times when anger is necessary and justified. All emotions play a role in our well-being. But why do some people cry when they feel sad?

Stress can be overwhelming – more than you realize. There are millions of people living with anxiety disorders, which seriously affect their daily lives. The more anxious a person struggles, the harder it is to manage those emotions. Stress can be so intense that it can cause physical and mental symptoms

By crying, the brain releases endorphins, resulting in the relaxation of the nervous system. For example, the headache becomes less acute. The best antidote to stress is crying, as it helps to release all this negative energy accumulated in the body and is channelled into our mind, blocking the proper functioning of the body and the sobriety of our thinking.

Why do we cry when we are sad? Here are the reasons

It is also not uncommon to cry before, during or after a panic attack. Panic attacks are unique moments of overwhelming fear. Many people feel that disaster is coming as if they are about to die. The result is crying because it is a natural response to intense fear and the usual reaction during a panic attack.

For some, crying can also be a standard answer: Once you get used to crying to relieve stress, you may develop a habit of crying when you are anxious in the future because it provides you with emotional relief.

Why do we cry when we are sad? Here are the reasons

The truth is that scientists do not know exactly why we cry, but they do know that there are many signs that crying is a great way to deal with intense emotion. And when a person is anxious, crying can be a necessary response.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with crying. It is neither a weakness nor a defect. When we talk about “controlling” and “preventing” crying for those who are anxious, we are not implying that you should suppress it. Many people wonder how to stop crying. But the reality is that you should not – if you have to cry, you have to cry.

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