6 risks not to take when you’re not in love

Is not it said that life is made of risk? However, there are risks that you should never take especially when you are not in love. In love, some make choices that they regret later. Deciding to put yourself with someone you do not like can be fatal.

1- Accept anyhow gifts
When you are not in love, it is a risk to accept gifts from that person with whom you do not want to share your intimacy. Presents can influence your decision when in reality you are not in love.

2-Accept appointments with this person
If you are undecided, you can accept an appointment, but if it is clear that you are not in love, it would be a risk to accept an appointment. This person might be wrong to take your refusal of his advances and set you a trap, be careful.

3- Accept to be friends with the person you are not in love with
When they see that they are not loved, some people ask for a friendship. It’s a risk, this person never wanted a friendship but a romantic relationship. It is not sure that his intentions change even with time. It might be an opportunity he would take to tell you that you are together.

4- Say yes because of the money
You know better than anyone that you are not in love, why accept someone’s advances for money? Your heart will catch you sooner or later. You can never deceive your heart.

5- Use a person you are not in love with
It’s common unfortunately. It’s not because your friends have romantic relationships, or you do not have a rider for a ball, that you will be using someone you do not like. Do not give false hope to this person, because she could take revenge in return

6- Getting married because you’re getting old
Some say yes because they are getting older and they absolutely have to get married when in fact they are not in love. It’s a very big risk. Do not do it!

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