6 tips for collaborating with colleagues you don’t click with

In general, most colleagues are just friends, but now and then, things don’t click. That’s not bad, but it is annoying if you have to work with this person when you’d rather not. Therefore, these tips ensure that you work better with that one colleague.

Working together really goes a lot better if you can get along with your colleague and sometimes you have to put in a little more effort.

Tips for collaborating with colleagues you don’t click with

Very important: don’t let your relationship with this colleague ruin your happiness at work by doing something about it. You’ll only make it worse for yourself if you let it ripple.

Determine exactly what the problem is

Try to find out what exactly your problem is with the colleague. Has he or she done something bad? Or does that person have a character that doesn’t match yours? You may find that your reasons make no sense, and you should get over them.

Try to cultivate empathy

Sometimes you have to force kindness and empathy a little. The workday will eventually come to an end, so just put a smile on your face and pretend a little. It will probably all work out.

Get to know this person better

By getting to know your co-worker better, you may find out that this person isn’t as annoying as you thought. Who knows, the collaboration will go very well. Give your relationship a chance to succeed.

Be the mature person

Can’t you get along? Then be a mature person and hold your head high. Don’t get upset about minor things, do your best to make the collaboration go well and lower yourself to exclusion or gossip.

Don’t start gossiping

Gossiping in the workplace is not done. This will only make the problem worse and worse for yourself and others. You involve others in your ideas and make your colleague feel unwelcome.

Let it go

Our best advice: let it go and keep acting normal. Accept that you cannot possibly get along with everyone and continue to work professionally with your colleague.

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