7 signs of a low-quality woman

A low-quality woman – who is she? Despite the ugly definition, this phenomenon is quite common. Some ladies are only interested in the material component of life. They are too concerned about their appearance, and in the chosen one, only the contents of his wallet are important for them.

How do you determine that she is a low-quality woman in front of you?

7 signs of a low-quality woman

She doesn’t respect a man

Such women are only interested in the stronger s*x if the young man can become a sponsor and satisfy their whims. The soul of a partner does not bother them at all, but the number of zeros in the account – how! A low-quality woman will not pay for herself in a restaurant, and her companion will listen to many “interesting” stories on the topic “a man should.”

She wears brands, flaunting them

A low-quality woman is not engaged in her self-development, does not read books, and, of course, is not interested in the spiritual world. But on the other hand, she is ready to spend all the money on things from famous brands to look “expensive.”

The lady is only interested in fashion, knowing what clothes, bags, or shoes to buy to look stunning.

She takes loans

If she does not have a man who is ready to support her, such a woman has more than one loan behind her back. She needs money to maintain her dear image. She usually spends money on a new iPhone model, a fur coat, or a bag from a well-known brand.

She is disdainful of others

The girl considers herself better than others and will not miss the opportunity to humiliate another person. A low-quality woman will certainly “put in place” the service personnel in a restaurant or hotel. Thus, she tries to raise her self-esteem, but she can only do this with those people who are of lower rank.

She is fixated on her appearance

Appearance is too important for a low-quality woman. She will not go out to the store for bread without putting on makeup and wearing the best clothes. But she does it for a reason and not even for the sake of her beloved. It’s just that such a lady believes that she can meet a potential sponsor anywhere, and therefore must be fully armed.

She is ashamed of her loved ones

If a low-quality woman was born into the most ordinary family, she is often ashamed of her origin and hides it. Since a lady dreams of a beautiful life, which she did not have in childhood, she will speak with contempt of people born somewhere in a village or a small town. Even if a girl was also born in an urban-type settlement and then moved to a large city, she will speak disparagingly about her fellow countrymen.

She will not be faithful to a man

A low-quality woman never remains faithful because she is always in search of a profitable and rich partner. If a more generous and solvent boyfriend looms on the horizon, she will cheat without a twinge of conscience. She will not begin to think about the correctness of the act, and even more so, she will not regret it. By the way, the appetites and demands of a low-quality woman are growing incredibly quickly, so she will stop at nothing.

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