7 tips for dealing with a hateful ex

Some exes are not on a better track with their former partners. They can go to extra lengths to ruin or make things complicated for you to move on. However, if you find yourself in this situation, these are how to deal with a toxic ex boyfriend/girlfriend.

Do you have a great relationship that has been stable for years? Fine, you’re doing well. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Many relationships are ended with a lot of drama, and it often remains difficult to deal with each other in a usual way. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a few tips to heart and thus finding that important golden mean.

My ex hates me; what should I do?

There are countless reasons why people break up, and often, that is a precursor to how contact with your ex will shape in the future. If the breakup goes smoothly and if you’re both convinced it’s better if you both go your separate ways, then that’s fine.

In that case, there is nothing wrong, and you can go through a door. It doesn’t always work out that way, and often a serious fight precedes a breakup. In that case, it can be quite difficult to have normal contact or conversation with each other. If your ex isn’t open to reason at all, check out our tips to make the most of it.

keep the calm

Empathy is not for everyone, but despite the possible name-calling, try to read through the rules. In many cases, it can help to calmly consider what he/she is trying to say. So be critical when you receive a message from your ex; in many cases, it is wise to respond subtly and not be provoked.

Feelings of revenge don’t help

It can be tempting to fight your ex’s aggression with aggression. The point is, you don’t gain anything with it. At most, you lower yourself to your ex’s level while you have to rise above it. Taking an extra breath, counting to ten or just walking around can help make the anger manageable again.

Don’t give your ex a chance

Also important: an ex eager to win you back will not give up on the plan at the first setback. That ex will try in different ways to get your attention. In other words, if it’s over for you, don’t give your ex a reason to think the impossible is still achievable.

Don’t look for common locations

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, chances are your ex knows you through. Your favourite pub, clothing store, winegrower, you name it.

If she’s eager to meet you, she certainly won’t hesitate. On the other hand, you also know everything about her, of course. Try to avoid the places she likes to go and try to avoid a confrontation.

Only meet if you have to

You don’t have to go out of your way to avoid a meeting, but try to minimize it. In short, only meet each other if there is no other option. That is, of course, difficult if you have children together, but you can try.

Take care of your own social life

After a breakup, you will always see that mutual friends will choose sides. If the possible confrontations with an ex lead to all kinds of rumours, provide a social safety net.

Nothing is more annoying than a situation where you can’t tell your story. Good friends, the real friends, are worth gold at that moment.

Document everything

It doesn’t sound delightful. But be sure to document all encounters, especially in the early post-breakup phase. You don’t have to keep an archive, but if the confrontations get more annoying, you have more control over the situation if you record everything as well as possible.

Limit contact with your ex. If your ex is annoying, block her number, so she always gets the voicemail.

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