Indecisive woman wants decision maker for €2,200 a month

An indecisive woman of British origin, from the city of Bristol makes more than 2,200 euros available to a decision maker or someone who takes difficult decisions for her for a month.

The anonymous woman recently placed an advertisement with her striking call on the demand and supply site. She sincerely hopes that someone will report for cutting down simple and difficult buttons.

In her written appeal, the indecisive woman states that she can imagine that readers might find her ad idiotic. Nevertheless, she explains in detail why she is looking for a “decision maker, clairvoyant or spiritual guide”. “I’ve had a gigantic bumpy year and am looking for decision maker who would want to take control of my life”, says the woman who has no idea whether there are ‘knifterers’.

Indecisive woman wants decision maker for €2,200 a month
Illustration of an indecisive woman

According to the indecisive woman of British origin, it went wrong last year in its existence. She lost money she had borrowed from a friend, got out of money during a backpacking holiday in New Zealand, was abused by an ex and robbed when she had just walked home for a short time. “Apparently I am completely unfit to make the right choices,” she writes. “Even my mother thinks that. Every week it goes wrong with me because I walk the wrong path.”

Requirements for the decision maker

The person with whom the indecisive woman ultimately goes into the sea may not decide everything for her. She basically determines what she wears and eats. “When I hire someone, it’s mainly about choices with whom I should date and what I can do best with my savings.” She also makes a few demands. “The decision maker must be available 24 hours a day and always respond directly to my text messages.”

Whether or not people have already reported is unknown. The demand and supply site does not transmit private data or results of advertisements to third parties for privacy reasons.

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