Caught: Kim Kardashian is accused of copying Naomi Campbell

From beautiful dresses to transparent fabrics and polyester of animal prints. A lot can be said about Kim Kardashian’s clothing style, but one thing is certain: it loosens the tongues. The last reason that Kim K conversation topic is numero uno? She is accused of copying Naomi Campbell.

A while ago there was a publication that Kim Kardashian has undergone a real style evolution. She owes that to her husband Kanye West. “Kanye certainly inspired me to develop a more individual clothing style,” she said earlier about her makeover. “I think my style is evolving and changing and that is how it should be because that is what life is all about. He is a fashion designer and he loves clothes, so I’m glad I can work with him.”

But according to critics, something else is going on: she would get the mustard elsewhere. More specifically at Naomi Campbell. After the reality star wore a vintage dress from Versace for the wedding of Chance the Rapper, a light went on at Rashida Renee – a certain Twitter user. She noted that Campbell walked the catwalk years ago in the same purple-blue-green dress.

She went to investigate and found that the Kardashian descendant copied at least 5 looks of the British top model, including a sexy leopard suit from Alaïa and 2 silver dresses from Versace. “Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern,” the Twitter user points out. Her tweet has meanwhile gone viral. Diet Prada, the notorious fashion watchdog on Instagram, also points to Kim with the finger.

Whether Kim will take care of the accusations is questionable. Honestly: there is a good chance that she will not care. In previous interviews, the beauty mogul has already indicated that Campbell is one of her biggest style icons. And yeah, we can’t blame her for that.

Caught: Kim Kardashian is inspired by Naomi Campbell
©BRUNO PRESS – Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell.

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